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Facebook // New photo feature

Hi- I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the new photo tabby thing in the middle of the pages news feed?
I hate it! Does anyone know if you can change what photos turn up?
It seems totally stupid to me that it automatically picks your oldest images. I’ve been running this page for years and my style had changed and improved so much… it’ll take ages to go through everything and delete them just so they don’t show up on my front page!

I noticed it this morning when I was looking at someone’s page and thought it was an awful mess. Then I looked at mine ::frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Even worse. when wondering if I could make it better I pinned a post to the top… and there it stayed… but it wasn’t marked as pinned and the piin button was still showing. I had a button at that poinjt saying I could change the date / time of the post so I tried to set it back a day but made no difference. Just spent a frustrating half hour trying to move Molly Moo the cow back down the page but had to give up and delete her.

The Unpin button appears to have gone …oh and my other solution - the Hide button - that’s gone too.

And this in addition to the appearance of a miscellaneous selection of photos and videos right after the second post down.

PS I note that my videos have now been moved before rather than after the photos.
Just off to see what happens if I hide the photo and video tabs.
PPS Can’t do that !

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Funny - mine doesn’t appear to be affected - yet! And to be honest if I go to your page Lowri @twinkleandgloomart and Joy @JOYSofGLASS I can’t see it there either. Has it gone now, maybe it was just a glitch.

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No mine’s OK and I’ve just checked yours Joy @JOYSofGLASS and Lowri @twinkleandgloomart and they seem OK too maybe as Roz sugested it was a glitch or maybe a feature they were testing and decided didn’t work.

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The photo And the Video tabs are both still there on my page. I get the 2 latest posts and then a 3 old Photo tab and a random 3 videos tab. Under that I get back to the rest of my posts.

Absolutely no need to have photos / videos there are there is a button to see them over to the left and under those buttons the left hand column is then totally empty


I’ve done that as “view as others see it” but it’s the same either way.
I Can get it to look normal by pressing the Posts button - that lets me see it the way it used to look but that’s yet another extra button to press everytime. Doesn’t Faceook know I have a bad hand and dont want to be pressing buttons at the moment !!!

I’ve just been into my Timeline photos and Video albums and deleted the ones which were appearing which I didn’t want there. It seems to choose totally randomly. What a dreadful feature.

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Well, I am relieved that I’m not the only one who finds it annoying! But also pleased to hear some people can’t see it yet!! I had a look whilst I wasn’t logged in and I couldn’t see it either.

I wouldn’t mind if it chose more recent photos but not really old ones.
It seems a bit random to me that it and the video thing has been plonked between posts as well. Facebook make strange decisions sometimes. I’m hoping it is a glitch and not a case of them updating profiles slowly like they’ve done before.

Definitely not visible to me Joy @JOYSofGLASS - no idea why :slight_smile:

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It is of course, thinking about it with my IT hat on, the version of Facebook in use by the viewer which determines how the page is formatted.
It seems that Lowri @twinkleandgloomart and I are the unfortunate ones to have had it rolled out to them so we see it on everyone’s pages including our own.

I bed Roz @OrchardFelts you didn’t know your page looks like this to some of us

Spot the photo and video tabs - they’re between your second latest post and everything else.

Let’s hope they don’t roll this totally awful feature out to everyone… and that they remove it from mine and Lowri’s view asap !
Not hopeful :frowning:

Would never have thought of that Joy (but then I’m not much better than illiterate where technology is concerned!) I’m also now worried as to what some people might be seeing on my page :scream:

I can answer that for you :slight_smile:

being one of the lucky (haha) souls who have the ability to see these otherwise invisible tabs !!

Fortunately for you you haven’t any videos so that tab isn’t showing but your 2nd photo is dated 2012 and the 1st and 3rd 2013.

Thanks Joy, I suppose it could be worse, just hope nobody decides they want to buy them as they were sold ages ago :confused: seems a very strange feature for Facebook to introduce I’m sure there aren’t many crafters who want 4 year old photos showing!

Arrrgh…just deleted loads of old photos that don’t relate to the work I do now so hopefully it looks a bit better now. Think I will have to go through them all with a fine tooth comb!

Roz You’re now showing these 3 :slight_smile:
It is easier once you can see your own as that way you can keep an eye on what is showing and delete them if you don’t want them.
Seems to be the most stupid design feature I’ve ever come across and believe me, as ex IT, I have come across some bad ones !

Thanks Joy - obviously I have more deleting to do but it will do for now. Hopefully they won’t roll it out as a permanent feature but somehow I expect they will!

Brilliant… now I get a banner informing me page categories have changed. I was defaulted to Fashion

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I could see some of your suncatchers as beautiful medalions or handbag charms :laughing:

ARGH facebook! :persevere:


My phone view is better. Photos (recent ones), visitor posts, my posts.


I really can’t hate Facebook any more than I already do. There was a message from them on my page yesterday, I have been classified as a “Local Business”. Of course I’m not one, as I’ve sold internationally. So I go through the classifications and there isn’t one that applies to me. The nearest is "Jewellery and Watches!"
Every time I post something on my business page, It comes up with “Boost this post for £4” (because otherwise we won’t allow it to get very far),


You can be an “Arts and Craft Shop” like me . my best alternative to the ‘Fashion’ tag they gave me.

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