About the Press Requests category

Sometimes we get requests from journalists or bloggers looking for a specific product or story that fits their brief. If we spot one that we think could be good for Folksy sellers or we need a little help, we’ll post it here.

If you are a journalist and would like some help with your feature, or you are a Folksy seller and have spotted a call-out you think might be good for other Folksy sellers, post it here or email us at publicity@folksy.co.uk

Remember that most journalists will need high-res images and usually cut-outs shots, and they are almost always on a tight deadline so it’s great if you can have press-ready images prepared and ready to go. So make sure you have a range of lifestyle and cut-out (ie white background) product shots that are:

  • 300 dpi
  • at least 1000 x 1000 pixels
  • no larger than 8MB
  • measure at least 10cm x 10cm

There are a few posts on the blog that can help you here: