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Promoting Folksy shops to the press

(ShakerTraditions) #1

Happy new year dear Folksy Friends. We are getting ready to send out a press release on our products to interior design magazines. I am just compiling a distribution list. I wondered if any of you have experience in promoting your folksy shop via the press and if so how successful was it? Also how did you approach the press? Did you email the applicable journalist and then carry out a follow up phone call or did you tweet??? Be interesting to hear peoples experiences and any advice. Thanks alot. Claire

(Camilla) #2

This article has loads of useful tips, Matthew. One of the best bits of advice in here is not to send out a blanket press release, and instead do your research, tailor your approach and try to build a relationship with press and bloggers. Twitter is a great way to do that.

And there are more tips on how to write press releases etc here

I hope some of that is helpful. We’d love to know how it goes. Good luck!

(ShakerTraditions) #3

Thank you for this - very helpful. I will give it a good read. I need to get more proactive with Twitter this year! Shall let you know how it goes.

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #4

Golly gosh! That’s a lot to take in, I have my work cut out as I would like to be more “out there”!

(CustomLogo) #5

Hi Claire, I haven’t reached out to the press for my Folksy shop but I have worked in a PR and Marketing capacity. I remember reaching out to Lego several months ago. It doesn’t matter who you are contacting, I believe the best piece of advice is to research who it is you are reaching out to. What benefit will they get from your contact? Do you speak their language? Find their trigger words. Get on LinkedIn and find those contacts as I did. The thought of doing is the scary part, actually doing it is easy and when you get that response back it feels amazing!

(ShakerTraditions) #6

I know its a big task!! But it be super duper if it works. Be good to hear how you get on. Good luck.

(ShakerTraditions) #7

Hi Andrew, thank you for your advice, shall definitely take that on board. LinkedIn will be useful. I was hoping to get my press distribution list sorted this week and my completed press release sent out, just like that!! It seems that would be futile and I need to do more research beforehand. I do feel it is rather daunting but it does feel positive to be doing all this.

(CustomLogo) #8

Once you have done it once or twice it will come naturally. Tailor each release to the client you are targeting. :smile:

(ShakerTraditions) #9

Thanks again hope to be able to update you with positive news soon!