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Adding a link with Picture

(Paige) #1

Hi, I’m new here and still trying to figure out lots of little bits.

In many threads people are asked to share a link to a certain shop product. Now I can see other people posting these links and it shows up in their post as a picture, however I can’t seem to figure it out for when I post. It just comes up as the URL that people can click on, but there is no image or anything. What am I doing wrong?


(Roz) #2

When you paste your URL link into the comments box make sure it is on a line on its own with no leading characters including spaces before it otherwise you just get the URL with no preview. i.e… hit return once or twice beforee pasting the link. Hope that helps.

(Paige) #3

Fantastic! Thanks so much!

Perfect, it works! :smiley: