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(PaintedLadyGifts) #1

Hello everyone,

When replying to a post how do you add a link to one of your own products so that it shows a picture of the item. I have seen other people doing it on their replies but I don’t know how to do it, please help?


(Roz) #2

If you want the picture and description just copy and paste the URL of your item into the reply box but make sure it goes on a line of its own (i.e. press return before pasting) with no leading spaces or the picture doesn’t show. If you just want a large picture that clicks through to the item click on the up arrow icon (7th from left) at top of reply box, select from the web and then paste the image address into the box (get this by right clicking on the image in your item listing and select copy image address), then click show more (bottom right) and enter the URL of your item. Hope this makes sense.

(Leathermeister) #3

Morning to add a link you need to add the URL of the item.
If you click on the item you wish to show and bring up the full page of it the URL is shown at the top the page it starts with hhtps://…
copy that whole line , you can then paste it onto here or onto social media in that way
its best to start a new line
hope that helps. Hazel