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Adding gift wrapping option - additional postage costs

(Roz) #1

Help - does anyone know how postage costs for additional items is calculated?

I currently send my scarves wrapped in a cellophane bag in a poly bag envelope but want to add the option of having them gift wrapped in a box. My smaller scarves currently ship as large letter size and larger ones slip into the small parcel bracket, I send them first class signed for and charge £2.50 and £4.50 respectively.

If I add a gift box both will have to go small parcel at £4.50.

So my question is this. If I list my smaller scarves with a postage of £2.50 and £2 for additional items and the larger ones at £4.50 and £0 for additional items and then list the boxes with a postal rate of £0 will this come out at £4.50 for both if ordered with a box?

My problem then comes if someone orders a box on its own - if I put a postal rate of £2.50 with £0 for additional items on the box listing will that result in the following

small scarf alone £2.50
large scarf alone £4.50
small scarf with box £4.50
large scarf with box £4.50
box alone £2.50

Trying to get my head round it all! Thanks in advance.

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(Christine Shephard) #2

It will pick up the highest postage rate as the main cost and the additional rate of all other items added to the order.

So, in your example:
small scarf £2.50
2 small scarves £2.50 + £2
large scarf £4.50
2 large scarves £4.50 + £0
large scarf + small scarf = £4.50 + £2 (the small scarf is the additional item, so it adds the additional cost)

If the box is £0:
small scarf + box = £2.50 + £0 (the box is the additional item)
large scarf + box = £4.50 + £0 (the box is the additional item)

If you put the box at £2.50 with £0 for additional items:
small scarf + box = either £2.50 + £0 or it could be £2.50 + £2 (depends which item is picked up as the main cost as they are both £2.50)
large scarf + box = £4.50 + £0 (the box is the additional item)

I’m not sure it’s possible to get the result you want, but I’ll think about it!

(Christine Shephard) #3

I think the only way would be to set the box up as £2.50 with £2 additional. Then it will charge £2.50 for the box on its own, or it will add £2 as an additional item. The only one that wouldn’t work would be the large scarf with a box, as that would be £4.50 + £2 = £6.50
Perhaps you could refund the extra cost if you think that’s too much.

(Roz) #4

Thanks - think I understand how it works now, If I understand than it would work if I charged

small scarf £2.45 additional items £2
large scarf £4.50 additional items £0
box £2.50 additional items £0

or have I misunderstood again?!

I would lose 5p on the small scarf (think I can handle that!) and if a large scarf and small scarf were bought together it would be £6.50 but then like you said I could refund excess postage - it is impossible to think of all combinations!

(Christine Shephard) #5

A small scarf + box would then be £2.45 + £0 = £2.45, which isn’t what you want.

No, sorry, got that wrong - the box is higher now, so it would be £2.50 + £2, which is right!

(Roz) #6

Yay :slightly_smiling:

(Helen Smith) #7

I think for the sake of neatness you could still charge £2.50 for the small scarf shipping, I think if the main postage charge for both items is the same it will charge that plus the higher of the 2 additional item charges.

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #8

:smile: :smile: :smile: You given me headache Roz :smiley: hope you got it sorted x

(Roz) #9

Think its almost sorted - could you clarify please @folksycontent - if postage costs on 2 items are the same does it then charge the higher of the additional item costs

ie: item 1 postage £2.50, additional item £2
item 2 postage £2.50, additional item £0

Would total postage for item1 + item2 be £4.50 irrespective of what order they are added to the basket?