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Address labels for parcels

(Helen Clifford) #1

I’ve just bought a few of my Christmas presents [I know…think ahead!] from Folksy sellers, and it’s been interesting to compare how items are packaged. All except one had a plain hand-written address label.

I have made an address label format with my shop banner, email/ website/shop link and home address on, and I add the customer’s details on the computer, them print it off on a plain A4 sheet. Two minutes with scissors and glue, and my parcel looks smart and professional, has my return address on just on case, and gives all my details.

Yesterday the lady behind the post office counter noticed the label, asked all about my artwork, and wrote down the details as she was thinking of having a pet portrait done! You never know where a sale will come from. Are some other sellers missing a trick?

(Angrycatcrochet) #2

What a great idea, I hadn’t really thought about putting my logo on the outside of the package! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to give this a try from now on!

(Deborah Jones) #3

Missing a trick…quite possibly , but in my case I like my parcels to look as non descript as possible so they don’t go astray.
Fingers crossed it works most of the time.

(Shirley Hollis) #4

I think that, possibly, it depends on the goods. I sell cards and my labels do have my logo but I can see that if you were selling more expensive items that you might wish to keep it anonymous.

(Shirley Woosey) #5

I have always printed out labels to my customers for both my shops and also include my Folksy web site addresses on the parcel.
It does make it look much more professional.

Many of the on-line purchases I have made have only had handwritten labels on them.
To be honest several have been so badly written it is a wonder they arrived safely at all.

Shirley x

(Jan Ryan) #6

I usually handwrite mine or occasionally I will type it out but although my items are inexpensive I like my parcel to look unassuming and anonymous. I’ve seen some really nice logo’d labels but I think it depends on what your selling, if it was high end goods or jewellery etc I think anonymity would be a good thing.

(Angela R Connah) #7

I also keep my parcels anonymous and non-descript. Many of my customers request this as orders are often being sent as gifts. I include my return address but not the words ARC Jewellery, I don’t want to draw attention to what’s inside.

I once received a parcel from a folksy seller with half of the ‘stuck on’ label missing where it had got ripped in the post. Luckily most of the post code was still visible so our postman was able to narrow it down to a few houses. For this reason I always handwrite on my jiffy bags.

(Helen Clifford) #8

I can quite see you wouldn’t want to make it obvious if you are sending jewellery, for instance. I hadn’t thought of that!

And now I’m thinking, I need to go and to a ‘rain test’ on my labels to make sure they’d still be legible after a shower!

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #9

I use royal mail to print my label if shipping to UK but if shipping overseas I print my own as take to post office. I add a pretty sticker to the label and add a small sticker with my logo and postcode
I use washi tape with bit of help with a prittstik to seal any envelope edges that haven’t stuck properly.
I like the package to be neat and tidy (wish I could say the same with my craft room!) and get annoyed with the post office staff when they stick their airmail stickers just anywhere!
Never thought about rain testing,Helen. I recently bought from you and yes I liked your label

(Diane Keeble) #10

Sounds a lovely idea. I write mine by hand but I do have neat writing and am always careful to make it readable. I do recycle envelopes where I can so the package doesn’t always look that neat. As long as it’s secure and addressed properly I think customers are happy.

(Helen Smith) #11

I print my address labels because just copying and pasting the address removes the stress that I might have written it wrong! That way I know any mistakes are the buyers and not mine (although I do check addresses that look wrong).

I did find that the labels I use didn’t want to stay stuck to one of the types of box I use (the others are all fine) so I now add a bit of sellotape on top, it helps with the waterproofing too.

I also have preprinted ‘sender’ labels; just that for this shop but with a pic and URL for my ffflowers shop. Anything that makes the packing phase quicker and more efficient is good to my mind.

(Sarah Eves) #12

I also print the address as my own handwriting is shocking!
Having a cellotape addiction I also cellotape over the top to protect it from rain/spillages during transit etc.

Although I sometimes add a label with my web address and logo, it is very small as - like others have said - I prefer to keep parcels non descript.

Sarah x

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #13

Packing is very important and says so much about your business. I use gorgeous spotty poly bags (pink/blue/green) which my customers always comment on! On the back of my parcels I have a sticker with my Logo and tiny Ebay/Folksy/Etsy/Facebook & Pinterest logos running down the side. On the front I have a sticker with my logo and Address at the top of it. Now funnily enough, I don’t print my addresses on purpose as I like them to look personal…I’m really Anal over all of my packing, from the look of my kits right down to how they are sent! Lol! :wink: