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Advice about other sites using pictures and text

(Sarah Bell) #1

Hope this is ok to post. What can I do about this? Some of these items have already sold through Folksy, fb etc my mum bought one. They’ve taken all my pictures and descriptions :frowning:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I had someone ‘borrow’ the photos and descriptions for one of my fordite pieces for one of these scam sites, I think you would need to contact the hosting site to get them to take the page down or send a cease and desist letter to the website owners (if you can find details of a physical address to send it to).

(Sarah Bell) #3

Thanks Sasha. They have nothing, just a contact form, no physical address or email address. How do these sites work? As obviously the items aren’t available to buy? Do they just take people’s money :thinking:

(Sasha Garrett) #4

That’s about the sum of it - people try and buy something and then the people behind the site have their credit card details (and name and address) to sell on/ misuse.

(Sarah Bell) #5

Crikey, that’s terrible. I despair! :frowning:

(Joy Salt) #6

Just googled them. Apart from anything else they’re giving females a bad name !

They’re detailed here as doing exactly what they’re doing ! :frowning:

(Sarah Bell) #7

I know, some of that in the ‘about us’ section is terrible. I hate that my work is being used like this. There are quite a few U.K. jewellery sellers on there, some of the pics have the water marks on :pensive:

(Plumporridge) #8

How awful. Things like this make me so angry. I wish these people would use their brains for some legit purpose instead.

And wow, yes, what a load of garbage in their write up @JOYSofGLASS

@SarahDesignsUK, how did you spot that they were using your work?

(Sarah Bell) #9

A customer sent me a link! I wouldn’t have known otherwise :see_no_evil:

(Brenda Cumming) #10

I sadly got scammed buying something that I saw on fb…the site looked genuine but I have since heard that they stole pics from a lady in Russia. Their website gets the error message and emails bound back “permanently”
I paid with paypal and have an ongoing case out against them. The annoying thing is that they send emails saying that they had a flood and to wait a bit longer…I don’t think so !
Hopefully paypal can refund my money. Surely if a person pays through paypal, then they are able to be traced?
Makes my blood boil…and sadly means I won’t order anything online again unless I know that I can trust the company.

(Alita Porter) #11

I have had images of my artwork taken without my permission and used for everything from selling prints of it to one company using a section of a painting as a cover of a music album.

The music company immediately responded to my email and took the image down from their site.

Many of the others were not so nice and one arrogant so and so suggested we “friend” each other on Facebook. It is even more annoying that they quote random names for the artist and not only do I lose sales but get no credit for my work.

There is a website called TinEye which will do a reverse image search. You put in the web address of an image (must be the actual image and not just a page which features it) and it looks for instances of the same picture elswhere on the web.

(olleypottery) #12

Hiya do you know is it mostly images coming off Folksy that are being used?

(Angela R Connah) #13

Another site to be aware of is
I just found some of my items for sale on there (at very inflated prices) stolen directly from my Etsy shops :rage:
I’m taking action to get them removed, it’ll be interesting to see if they respond…

(Joy Salt) #14

I think the Getunders site may have been taken down.

(Sarah Bell) #15

I contacted another lady who I recognised the work of on there, and she gave me a few sites the police these things. We both reported it, and I got a confirmation that it was being dealt with the day before yesterday.

The mail address linked to the website is attached to over 200 other sites, so I’m guessing they just open another site when the current one is closed down.

@olleypottery I’m not sure, there were two pendants that weren’t listed on either, and a few that were Folksy online, the rest on both.

(Carrie ) #16

This is awful! I’m so sorry for people affected on here :frowning:
It’s hard enough building a craft venture without customers losing trust. Infuriating.

(Debby Coatham) #17

Aww hope you get his sorted, it’s terrible