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Has anyone come across any scammers on here

(Paintings4 U) #1

hi has anyone come across any scammers on here yet I have just had one trying to get me to send money through to them.

(Shirley Woosey) #2

They do the rounds regular Shane.

Were they on board a ship by any chance?
They tend to always go for your most expensive item too.

Good luck with your shop.

Shirley x

(Paintings4 U) #3

yes they were at sea said they could not wire any money to pay for the courier and yes they went for my most expensive item.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

That’s the usual scam Shane, it’s because you have pricey items, they always go for those. I’d report them to support, they’ll get rid of them.

(Paintings4 U) #5

How do I go about reporting them.

(Margaret Jackson) #6

Click on the ‘contact support’ button on the help and support page:

(A Pinchof Stardust) #7

I nearly got caught out but something didn’t seem right and thankfully I found this discussion. Do we all have to report this and if so can someone please tell me how to do it

(A Pinchof Stardust) #8

Thanks. I’m very slow on computers. It takes me ages to find my way around. I’m far faster on a sewing machine

(Julia Blakeman) #9

I reported one yesterday. Its really easy now that the emails come directly through to us as I was able to just forward the e-mail direct to Folksy support and let them deal with it as all the contact details come through with the e-mail and then I got a confirmation today that that account has been suspended and all the contact details reported to Paypal and the e-mail provider of the scammer.

Mine came through along the lines of an enquiry into whether I still have the item, the condition of the item, the final price of the item blah blah blah all in broken English.


Yes, I did come across a scammer, the one at sea who went for my most expensive item, asking about the condition, if it is still available, etc. I found it odd to ask all those questions when my items have descriptions and photos and if they weren’t available, they hadn’t been put up for sale… But I did reply to his first email and then it got even stranger when he asked me to transfer some money through MoneyGram and then his agent would come and pick up the item and pay me personally. I obviously didn’t and I said something like “I need to consult with my accountant” and he never came back to me. I did play a little bit, I was curious how far he would go :). This was about three years ago, I didn’t know how to report it and it was a one-off, it never happened since…

(Paintings4 U) #11

They tried the exact thing with me.