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Advice for selling off bead supplies

Would like some advice. Have lots of beads. Far too many really lol may need to sell some off to free up some money to invest into our ceramics range. What I am wondering is what people think would be a good price before i decide to sell them or not. Most of my beads are 6mm all are semi precious stone and was thinking a flat price of maybe £4.00 for a standard string. (15.5inch about 65 beads) Price would include uk postage. could have maybe upwards of 20 lots to list if i ever get round to it. Beads like indian agate, black agate, mookalite for few examples.

sounds a reasonable price to me, go for it. There’s plenty of people on here who buy beads.

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I’ve had another thought about this though, including the P&P in the price takes away the incentive for people to buy several items. Normally when I buy beads there’s a main postage price then a much smaller additional postage cost for another item. I recently bought several lots of beads from a shop on here which only charged about 10p postage for additional items. I ended up buying nine or so items I think! :slight_smile:

See this thread for how this was done:

Hmm yes i see thanks it could do. I had a look at similar items to those i have on folksy and they run upward to 6.00 for same amount of beads, and some of those had free postage, some had small charge. Obv that supply seems to be their business which i why i went for £4.00 just to destash and get ceramics. But yes, poss my inexperience showing at selling items that need to be posting. Something to think about for my whole store actually with that one as i generally offer free uk postage. Haha whooaps.

Also bear in mind that if you’re offering free postage you’re paying Folksy commission on the whole of that cost. You don’t pay commission on the amount you charge for postage, something to think about!

You are a wealth of information! Thanks very much, lots of ideas for new shop layouts buzzing through my head now. New pictures, updated postage plus only about 300 or so more things to list. Little at a time and i will get there.

Thanks again, that really has been very helpful.

Glad to be of help :slight_smile:

Good job you’ve got a plus account if you’re going to be listing that much! I’ll be looking out for those beads you list too, I make jewellery for my own use so might be interested.

I am afraid every time i sell something i get that little buzz and make 3 or 4 more things LOL If there is any type of beads/stones/pendants etc you are on the look out for let me know and if i have them spare I will work on listing them first.

Thanks Paul, I’m not currently looking for anything in particular, it’s just that sometimes I see something that grabs me or is a good price and I buy it to go with the other semi precious stones I’ve got :smile:

Careful. You will end up like me. Not knowing where to begin when looking at your bead stash!

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Hmmmm I think I check your offer Paul, I need some nice beads for my new projects :slight_smile:

Get listing Paul, a queue is forming who want to look at these beads! :smile:

Is so hard to find good deals, so if is a chance I just grab it :wink:

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Oh blimey LOL I have just sorted some lots. Am listing them shortly. So far have just sorted some acrylic beads. I will try to list minimum of three items a day.

Nice :slight_smile: Will be checking your shop frequently then :slight_smile: