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Advice on listing art prints of nude painting!

(Trudi Murray) #1

Hi All, and Folksy,

Part of my practice as an artist is life drawing - I’ve been doing it for years now. I’ve made a series of small paintings from my life drawing sketches, and have turned them into A4 prints. I’m selling them at the art studio where I attend the life drawing sessions.

I don’t know whether they would be suitable to list on Folksy too - so I’m checking here first! I personally think they’re beautiful, but then, I enjoy life drawing. Others don’t! I certainly do not want to do the wrong thing :flushed: and hope I haven’t offended anyone in the process of asking…!

There’s one on my blog, under the post ‘Divine Bodies’ if anyone felt they had a minute to help me out:

Thank you!


(Margaret Jackson) #3

I’m an art collector but am not keen on seeing pictures of naked bodies. I much prefer the modesty of properly dressed bodies!. Not sure of Folksy policy on this, best to ask them I think

(Roz) #4

Whilst nude pictures are not to my personal taste I don’t take any offence at them providing they are not verging on the pornographic in any way (which yours certainly isn’t). I would rather look at hundreds of naked paintings that see some of the items decorated with the F word and similar which can be found on folksy. Some may take offence but I think its just a branch of art. I think photographs may be a dodgy area but paintings, drawings and sketches should be fine. As others have said - might be worth checking with admin first.

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(Sally Eira) #5

i would just check with folksy - they can give you the definitive answer - otherwise you will be getting subjective opinions.
personally, i can’t see what anybody would find offensive / object to etc.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #6

No. 5 on the list here:

I think tasteful nudes have always been allowed, but best to just message admin and check.

Personally I’d much rather see beautiful life drawings than the current trend of foul language on cards and prints etc. that seems to be rife on here.

(Susannah Ayre) #7

Artwork of the human body painted nude have been around since humans began to draw.
Personally- I think it should be allowed. Not sure why it wouldn’t be. It’s just another form of art.
I think there are too many things we aren’t allowed to do/say anymore just because someone somewhere may take offence in it- people can simply not purchase the artwork if it offends them?
I don’t remember anything anywhere saying it’s not allowed- but I don’t create artwork of nudes so may have simply not noticed it anywhere. I guess it would be in the folksy sellers agreement when you sign up to sell?

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(Trudi Murray) #8

Great, thank you everyone! That’s all really helpful. I will ask Folksy next week. I asked here as I wondered whether anyone else had already pondered the same question and found out the definitive answer (if there is one!) already!

It’s an interesting discussion anyway, I think… I enjoy the fact that as people we all have different opinions and viewpoints.

Thanks for all your help and input!


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(Natalie Franca) #9

Hi @TrudiMurray I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I just spent a good hour having a read (instead of knitting!). Your art is wonderful too (as is the nude!)

Natalie xx

(Leslie Morton) #10

Trudi, your art is unique and thoughtful. Normally, when listing nudes most websites ask that you place masks over the genital area in the first picture/thumbnail. Subsequent pictures can be fully nude. This will usually ensure that those that don’t want to view full frontal nudity are satisfied as well as any under 18s who shouldn’t view (or even be on the site). Hope this helps.

(Christine E.) #11

If you do a search for “life drawing” there are a few naked ladies already on the site. When I went to art college one of the first things we did was life drawing- the boys were a bit embarrassed and just did a load of scribbles in the pubic area! I love life drawing and life drawings. I’m sure it would be fine.

(Trudi Murray) #12

Thank you! and sorry about the knitting…! :blush:

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(Trudi Murray) #13

Thank you! Good idea - thanks for your help!

(Avec Amour Lauren) #14

Hi Trudi,

I am also an artist who’s main subject matter is nudes & I see no reason why Folksy should not allow you to list your life drawing work - they are beautiful. As you say, the female form is ‘divine’ and should be celebrated more. Nudes have been the main source of inspiration for artists for centuries, so today’s prudish society should not deter you from your main inspiration.