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Advice on my new Folksy shop

(Arcade Boutique) #1

Hey everyone

A friend recommended Folksy to me, and here I am.

I am a professional model maker, i usually do commissions for games companies but i thought i would try my work on here.

I make miniature scale models of pinball tables and arcade games. I cant see anything remotely like what i create on Folksy, but that is usually the case with my work anyways.

I have like 300 + designs, but after spending all day creating my shop and listing 20 designs i thought i would ask you good people for some advice before i continue.

I love the look and vibe of Folksy, i just wonder if my particular type of creations are a good fit really ?

any help and/or advice is much appreciated

thanks in advance xx

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Mmmm you may not like this but the first thing I see is something that could get you into a heap load of legal problems if you don’t have a license agreement with Disney. Star wars is trademarked belonging to Disney. Disney go after people who break/infringe on their Trademark. Not only can it mean they will have your shop closed down you could end up being sued.

Sorry but you’re going to have problems with all your products as each one is an infringement of someone else’s Trademark.

(Arcade Boutique) #3

Thanks for the reply. The table in question you mention Star Wars, is a miniature model of a Data East pinball table, and i do have an agreement with said company to make it. The PR manager of DE even has one on his desk! Likewise, and just for eg, i make mini models of Namco arcade games, and this came about due to me getting a commision from Namco themselves to make PR pieces for them to use in a campaign. The MD of the company has several of my pieces on display in his office.

I appreciate your concern, but after doing this for 4 years, with a lot of my customers being these actual companies themselves , it is not something that has ever been a problem.

I just wanted advice in if fellow sellers on here thought my work might sell on here

thanks though and have an awesome day :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Then you’ll have to remove Star Wars from your title as you don’t have a license with Disney to sell any thing with their Trademarked item names on or to use their Trademarks to advertise/sell your little model.

You might have been commissioned make items for Namco but that was for their items and will not cover you to make further items to sell via your own shop.

You really need to look up Trademark law.

You might not have been caught yet but that doesn’t mean you might not get caught in the future.

Your models are amazing so your clearly have talent.

You need to check the Do’s and Don’ts of selling on Folksy and making sure you are trading legally.

One photo is never enough to show off an item for sale. Potential customers want and need to see as much as possible of the item for sale back, front, side, top, close up. etc etc

(Arcade Boutique) #5

thanks very much for your advice. much appreciated

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #6

I think your games are amazing! And so unusual too! I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you will do very well. Mx

(Arcade Boutique) #7

thanks for the well wishes :blush:

(Leslie Morton) #8

I think you are doing awesome stuff.
If I were you though, I would develop your own brand and not infringe on other’s trademarks and copyright.
Sadly, It is a real turn off for those sellers who create their own original work and personally, I think it cheapens the site. And Disney, BBC and all the rest do visit regularly,

You obviously are very talented - use it for good!

Good luck in your endeavour.

Here is a link you should use: