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New Seller Advice

(Sewgluey) #1

Hello fellow crafters! I’m new to folksy and am wondering if anybody has any advice or comments for me.

I’m also wondering if anybody’s ever sold custom order knitting or sewing projects and how they did it? :slight_smile:

Any comments on my shop would be hugely appreciated!

Anna x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Yikes the first thing I noticed was I wasn’t sure at first glance what you were selling. As your pegs do not stand out from the ‘other’ items in the photos.

Also you might want to remove the ‘Harry Potter’ reference as Harry Potter is under Trademark to JKRowling.

You need to read on on Trademarks and Copyright abuse and what can happened to you once you get caught violating someone esle’s Trademark.

You need to make sure your very first photo is extremely clear as to what you are selling. Centre on the object and show it all. Following photo’s should show back, side, close up of details, how it can be used etc. Customers need to be able to see the item ie a peg and the design on the peg clearly without having to peer and wonder what it is you are selling.

Your tiles need some work at the moment. think what will someone type into a search bar if they want a peg for holding paper. The main word that tells you what something is should be your first or second word.

Try doing a search for your items and see what comes up.

Also measurements are very useful imperial and metric would be great. Sometimes with smaller objects as well as stating sizing’s a great tip is to show the item next to a tape measure

Hope this helps

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

I’ve do custom knitting/crochet and sewing orders only one so far on Folksy.

Thankfully mine was very simple as the customer wanted something I have in my shop in custom colours for a gift.

I didn’t bother to take a non returnable deposit which is what I’d normally do. I had the yarn in stock and I knew if he didn’t buy it once made I could still sell it in the shop as a normal.

Usually if something is going to be custom ie to fit that person only, or have names and dates on it etc Then you really need to take the monies for the material up front.

You don’t want to end up buying material in special for a project and then have the customer not pay up and be left with something you can sell or make into something you can sell.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

I have to agree with Eileen, it’s not clear from your photos what you’re selling, and I’d definitely remove any reference to Harry Potter! Too much of a problem with Copyright and you could get into trouble!

(Kirsty Macdonald) #5

Hi Anna! Welcome to Folksy!

I think you’ve made a good start - your banner and avatar are very colourful and eye-catching. I like that you’ve added something to your profile as if helps to get an idea of the person behind the craft (although you might want to check the grammar - for example the lower case “i” - people are easily put off by a lack of attention to detail).

I agree with all of Eileen’s points above. Be VERY careful with copyright/trademarks - it can cause you lots of trouble. I would add that perhaps your descriptions could include some idea of how the pegs are decorated (and with what).

I think you need to work on filling your shop with a range of items to tempt customers - at the moment (with just 4 sets of pegs listed) it’s hard to get a feel for your crafting style. Your shop name and banner suggest you make sewn items but so far this is not reflected in your products. If you are thinking of doing custom orders you will need to give people an idea of what you will customise and how (ie. making one item and allowing people to order different sizes, colours, personalisation etc).

I hope that’s useful! Good luck with your shop,


(Sewgluey) #6

Thank you guys! I will hop on that right away.

I’m hugely inexperienced with technical business things so I might just stick with crafting for gifts instead of selling. I don’t want to get caught out :confused:

But thanks again for your help and comments.

Anna x

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #7

Agree with the above advice about photos and copyright. I would also suggest looking at your postage costs - charging £2.50 postage for 3 pegs that would cost 93 pence to post 1st class seems a bit OTT. People like to see the actual cost of postage, packaging costs should be absorbed in the price of the items.

(Sewgluey) #8

Thanks for your help. I popped it at £2.50 because according to the post office that is what I would have to pay for a small parcel? If I stick with it I’ll have a better look into it. x

(Margaret Jackson) #9

I’m wondering about the name SewLovely, it sounded familiar so I googled it and found this:

Unless this is your shop you might be wise having a rethink and maybe finding a name that isn’t already being used? Selling is fraught with difficulties and complications. Which is why I’ve stuck to being a buyer!lol

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #10

Pegs usually fit as a large letter. If the PO quoted you £2.50 for a small parcel then they quoted you incorrectly as a 2nd class small parcel is £2.80 and 1st class is £3.20. Getting postage right can be a minefield, and you need to be sure of your rates and sizes before listing so that you either don’t overcharge, or end up losing out.