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Advice on new iron please. Auto switch-off?

I want to buy an iron which will switch itself off if it’s not used for, say, 2 mins. This is both for peace of mind and because I get fed up having to keep turning it on and off when I’m making and have to iron just tiny bits at a time. Does anyone have one? I’ve read mixed reviews. Preferably do not want a steam iron. Thank you.

Yes I have had one (although it just broke so has been replaced now!) The switch off feature wasn’t the reason for buying it, just a feature that it happened to have. I believe it was a Russell Hobbs one. Cant say I really paid much attention to the feature as I usually iron then switch off and put away but sometimes I would leave it on if making something that needed pressing in between steps - it always came on again as soon as I picked it up and didn’t take long to reheat to temperature so don’t really have anything particularly negative to say about it.

Thanks Roz, that’s interesting. One of the reviews I read was a moan about how long a Phillips iron took to heat up again, so that is useful to know you didn’t find that with the Russell Hobbs. Thank you

I have a Philips Azur Performance Plus (it is a steam iron) and it suits me very well. It seems to heat up quickly after switching itself off. The switch off feature was something I wanted as I often forget to switch the iron off!!

Thank you, I’ll look at that one too. I have never left the iron on for a serious length of time, but I do worry that I might and it’s always the last thing I check before I go up to bed!

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