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Ruined my new iron! Help please!

(Lesley Bywater) #1

I bought a new stainless steel base steam iron for pressing my patchwork, and unfortunately was not paying attention when I tried to press some iron on interfacing to my work! It was sticky side up, so now my lovely new iron has black gunky sticky stuff welded to the sole plate!!!

Does any body have any great tips or ideas on how to remove this? I don’t really want to buy another iron!!

Thanks in advance for your help.


(Liz Dyson) #2

I used to use a stick that you melted on to the iron and that seems to clean things off, such as the horrible melted nylon carpet I got stuck to the iron. This is the stuff I’ve used…

There are loads of other cleaners on Amazon, so happy hunting.


(Lesley Bywater) #3

Thanks very much Liz. I will have a look.
It is something that even with all the years I have been sewing - I have never made such a mess of an iron before!!


(Roz) #4

Sticky stuff remover? Not tried it on irons but pretty good at removing gunk from other things

(Ali Burdon) #5

Lakeland do some stuff - expensive but it lasts for ages:

I also, when desperate, take my life in my own hands, turn iron on to high setting and scrub with a damp cloth. It does work… but it makes sense to wear an oven glove whilst doing this!

(Samantha Stanley) #6

That’s what I do! The glue in Vilene is heat activated so the detergents (I put a bit of washing up liquid on the cloth) don’t seem to work unless the glue is hot.

(pipdesigns) #7

Fabric Softener is worth a try.

(Lesley Bywater) #8

Thank you for all your replies


(Linda Wild) #9

I also use Lakelands hot iron cleaner, it works!