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Personal projects

(Roz) #1

Anyone like me? My family and friends are constantly asking “could you make me something like this?” Currently on the go are a patchwork quilt, some knitted cushion covers, a crocheted blanket and a prom dress! I wouldn’t normally make any of these but it’s fun to do something a bit different now and then!

What “not for sale” projects do others have on the go?

The prom dress taking shape!

(Teresa Connolly) #2

I made this scarf for my husband which he wanted. I am crocheting a throw and it is taking a long time as its four loops to every stitch and 6’ x6’ it will be for my Folksy shop whilst I am making bags purses and whatnot for shop too.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Pretty dress

I have 2 ongoing projects one a huge knitted strippy blanket that’s not been touched in months. I have one last panel to knit, it’s no sewing as you knitted each panel into the previous panel as you go along.

I also have a Tunisian crochet blanket that’s half done but I don’t get much time to do it.

Also a 3 lovely loads of material just waiting for me to make myself a new dress and couple of skirts. It’s anyone’s guess when I’ll even have time to think about design the patterns.

Edit that I also have patchwork table linen and cushion to make for the conservatory, I’ve all the materials now but no time to start work.

(Julia K Walton) #4

I’ve just finished four leaf-shaped pot holders for my Mum, and I’m making a bed sized quilt with the tumbling blocks pattern for me and my husband. The latter was started many years ago and is hand sewn.

The quilt is seen at the left of the sewing machines.

Julia x

(Little Ramstudio) #5

@FireHorseTextiles Julia, just to mention you take fabulously styled photo’s, have you a photography background?

(Julia K Walton) #6

You’re spoiling me with your kind compliment, Heather and/or Gary! Definitely no photography background, I’m afraid. Very hit or miss most of the time!

I think I took this photo for a ‘workspace’ article, but I’ve actually donated the Singer sewing machine to Oxfam now, as it was taking up too much room. A shame because I love old sewing machines - they are so photogenic ;o)

Julia x

(Debbie Lawrence) #7

My Uncle passed away last year and my Mum brought me back some of his old ties when she was visiting her sister. I am making them into a quilt, which I will send back to my Aunt. I have have the design in my head but I am struggling to find time to progress it. I want to base it on the Dresden Quilt.

(Sarah Lambert) #8

Yes, I’ve just made lots of simple stretchy bracelets using wooden beads (surfer style) to sell at a charity event we’re having later in the year for the Hillside animal shelter. Obviously they will be for sale at the event but I class them as a personal project as they’re not for profit as such.

(Roz) #9

What a brilliant idea

(Jill Fairbairn) #10

Wow, that sounds great, you’re aunt will be chuffed x

(Leanne Woods) #11

Loads and loads, most started on a whim late at night but really there’s only one I plan on finishing. A hand stitched hexie quilt for Chloe.

Originally I got hooked on the little 1in hexies I was making one night but sensibly gave myself a shake and scaled them up to 2in before I started cutting the paper templates. I have about 2/3 of the hexies cut and stitched around the templates so far and I have them in an old office card file box I picked up at a car boot. Mostly I’m using fabrics from her old clothes, special things from holidays and days out, I’ve only got as far as I have because I hadn’t gave her wardrobe a really good clear out so had dresses etc of the same weight from last year and the year before, this summer’s offerings should be enough for the rest but I might buy some fabric for purpose.

Then, because I really don’t fancy laying out and planning all the hexies for a double quilt, I’ll work out what I have the least of and plan a block of hexies that I can make a plan of and repeat over and over while I’m sewing it together:-)

The other stuff - cushions, skirts for me, dresses for her, curtains for the gargantuan windows in the living room - couldn’t honestly say if I’ll finish any of them, when I get a minute I head straight for the quilt box.