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Ahhhh been away for a long time.. my shop front has gone! help

so I’ve been gone for over a year I reckon and my banners etc have gone. I tried to upload a picture of my work but that didn’t work as it’s massive. I’ve no idea how to make things the right size, any tips. I need to do something for my banner and my profile pic… any help gratefully received x

Hi and welcome back! This link gives details on banner sizes etc and how to change it. Hope that helps!

so it looks like I can upload a product pic and it will automatically be resized… but when I tried that it said a definite big fat NO… ?

Was the file you tried uploading too big maybe? I think there is a 4 megabyte max file size. Also what sort of file was it you were trying to up load - needs to be a gif or jpeg.

I did it… Thanks ladies x