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Shop Banners, how often do you change yours?

(Jan Ryan) #1

I’ve just changed my Shop Banner…What do ya think?

Do you change yours and if so, how often?

Jan x

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Oh, that’s cute! I’ve not done one yet - I keep meaning to but never seem to have the time, so I just use one of the generic coloured Folksy ones.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #3

I,ve only changed my once since being on folksy, I 'm quite happy at moment just keeping it!

(Jan Ryan) #4

You have so many lovely bunny rabbits hopping around your page @DandelionsGallery, The yellow is a good choice, it reminds me of buttercups and sunshine :slight_smile:
Yours is lovely @dianesdecoupage it instantly shows what your page is all about. x

(Amberlilly) #5

Love it, I haven’t got one yet!! Bad girl. LOL

(Phoenixprojects) #6

I changed mine for the first time last week! Your new banner is great!

(Diane Burton) #7

Mine is a photo of a collection of my cards so I do change it every now & then to reflect different occasions (I’m thinking of doing a Mothers’ day one soon) but it’s not too long or difficult a job, I would imagine if you’ve spent a lot of time designing it (or money getting someone else to help) then it would make sense not to change it too often.

(Rosesworkshop) #8

I last changed mine when all the sites I use changed their banner dimensions within a couple of weeks. I did one, then cropped it to the requisite number of pixels for each site. It was a real pain, and I don’t intend doing it again any time soon.

((Lizzycraft)) #9

I’d love to change mine to my own I divi dual banner but no idea how to do it. Can anyone give me ideas or where to get the information from on Folksy. Thanks.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #10

I had my banner and avatar made especially for me but not sure if shop is still open but I am sure there are plenty of other people on folksy that would make something for you

here is the link , maybe you could send her a message if interested

(Ronald Koorm) #11

Ideally you need something like Gimp, Photoshop, P/S Elements, or similar photo-editing software. You can then import say one of your photos or designs and make a banner strip from that, adding your own Text, colours, logo, or whatever.

My banner is made from a small part of one of my abstract creations, which I designed years ago and I sell a handmade greeting card and a colour print of it too. Important that your banner sells ‘you’ and what you do.

It is also possible to import clip-art to make your banner from many online sources , but you need to ensure you have the rights to use it for commercial purposes, but a lot is free to use. Even Microsoft Word can be used to make Banners, or M/s Powerpoint, and converting it to a pdf or jpeg file using conversion software like Gimp or free software.

Folksy have guidelines on banner size, file type, etc., so important you look at those first.

Finally, Important that any text on the banner is readable by disabled people and everyone. Not an expert on websites, but 16 point-sized text is better if you can fit it in, as can more easily be read, and in a font that avoids lots of complexity. Good colour, and visual contrast between the banner and any text is also essential.


(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #12

I made my own banner and was so happy with it, that I haven’t changed it yet (after 5 1/2 years!)… But it may be time for a change soon!
Love your new banner Jan @HandcraftedbyPicto - the owls are sooo sweet!

((Lizzycraft)) #13

Thank you to everyone coming back to me. I really appreciate it. I’ll probably ask my husband to help me as he’s more of a whiz on computers than me. Thanks again.