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Cannot Change Shop Appearance


I’m a newbie to the site & selling, and cannot for the life of me change the banner or add a profile pic! I keep getting “Please check your settings, some of them appear to be incorrect”. I’ve made the photos small enough in pixels and they are well under the stated size.

Any advice greatly appreciated as I want to get selling.


Kriss x

Kriss I can’t help sorry. I did try going into Shop Appearance to see what it might be objecting to but not obvious from my own.
Can you do a screen print please and post it here of what you have on your screen when it gives the error message.

@folksycontent when I was checking my own page I spotted an SM entry not seen before. MAy have been there ages but don’t go to that page often. Google +.
I wondered what my account was and tried to find it but can’t and Google says ::
Users can still use Google+ on their mobile web browser at Note however that on April 2, 2019, we are shutting down the consumer (personal) version of Google+.
Can you explain what that entry is for on the Shop Appearance and what is supposed to be entered there i… if it is still valid ???

Thanks Joy for trying. It’s such a nuisance as I want to get started. Not sure what to do now x

Can you post a screen print of your shop appearance page as you have filled it in and error message you get. here

We need to remove the Google+ social media section. I actually thought we’d already done it when Google+ was retired. I’ll flag it. Thanks Joy.

Thanks Camilla Surprised me to see it :slight_smile:

I brought this up in July! :kissing_heart:

hi im new too, and had the same problem, so i contacted Folksy and they sent me 1st email saying check a list of things…like compress picture size, and also to look at the box id written my what i do in and make sure right amount of characters, then i had another email saying, others were experiencing the same & there engineer was looking into it. But i actually managed to change mine yesterday and i shorted my description and it all uploaded …hope you have sorted it now , best wishes chez

Thanks all for replies. It must’ve been a glitch as fine now x