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All sorted

Well My mum finally logged out of the forums so now I can ask what do you think of my shop? I am still adding more products best Faye. :blush:

I would not search for art print I see you.

I would search for flower print or flower art or flower painting if I was looking for a painting or artwork featuring flowers.

You might want to think about what words a potential customer might put into the search bar when they are looking for paintings and prints.

You also need to use more of your tags we now have 15 available.
I like your flower print it’s colourful and fun.

Hope that helps


I understand the desire to have a water mark on photos of art work but find it very distracting when it runs across the middle of the picture. Could they be moved to somewhere less obtrusive on the picture? Also Folksy crops pictures in our shop fronts and on search results to square so the top and bottom of your designs are being ‘lost’ until the person clicks onto the item description. Could you put a ‘life style’ shot (ie picture standing on a shelf with a vase for scale and some wall around it) as the first photo so when the picture gets cropped the styling around the edges gets lost rather than the image its self? If your paintings/ prints will fit into standard size frames that you can buy on the high street it is worth saying that.
As Eileen has said you need to think about what people might search for, I’ve found that putting colours into descriptions very useful for being found. Also I believe that the folksy search engine gives the tags a higher ranking than the title and description so it is worth repeating key words like abstract, print, original, acrylics in your tags.
Hope that’s helpful.


Hello Faye,

You have some great, colourful pieces of art in your shop!
However, just a few comments. I agree with Sasha about having a “Life-style” shot for your first photo. Could you perhaps put the paintings in a frame & mount, just to photograph them, as this shows people what their purchase could look like? If possible, photograph the work hanging on a wall, or else standing on a shelf or mantlepiece, with one or two items in the picture, that will give an idea of scale.
I’d recommend using at least three of your five photo slots, preferably all of them. Currently I see only one photo, which is cropped right up to the edges of the painting/print. Although this shows the colours, textures and images well, it doesn’t give the “feeling” that you get from seeing a framed picture, in a room setting. I would really suggest you try to use that idea for each of your paintings or prints, as buyers do like to see how things will look. Perhaps look for some other artists who do stuff you like and see how they present their work?

And definitely think hard about your description and tags. Folksy searches look at both of these (there’s a recent article in the Folksy blog that explains it well), so they are very important for helping our work get found/seen.

I hope this is useful. Best of luck!


Hi there I agree with you definatly I know watermrks ruin the work but will try to move them somewhere else. Maybe in the middle is to awful.
I will try to see what I can do. I do not really like watermarks at all nasty :smiley: things.

watermarks are nasty things I know. Will try to sort them out today.
I will also try and get some frames maybe i need to measure the paintings properly.
Will change the flower print name today and more tags.
Im a little worried about the way the shop banner is as well.
Best Faye,