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Am I allowed to list

Items where i have used blanks but have appliqued or embroidered on to them?

For example if I bought and appliqued on to blank cushion covers, is that allowed, as I’ve not made the cushion cover.

I love the decorating, not the making of the item. I don’t like following patterns or making the same shape over and over, so just wondering if this would be frowned upon??

There are a lot of items for sale on Folksy that use a blank, I have seen towels, frames, books and t-shirts etc. I’ts really down to how you use it I guess and whether it is considered ‘assembled’ or not, if there is a ‘design’ element and what the handmade elements are. I know that for example buying a charm and a chain and assembling them is not considered handmade, but if the same items are used alongside other materials as part of a design then that is acceptable.

I would suggest making up an example and asking Folksy Admin, explaining the process you use so that they can confirm for you :slight_smile:

I’d be in trouble if I couldn’t use blanks for my mosaic. I’m not going to go and buy a terrcotta kiln or a slate mine to make them :smiley: I can’t see a problem with decorating blank cushions. Especially if they are completely blank to start with, and as long as you state somewhere that you are just decorating them, not making them. I list my materials on each item page and add the bases into that list :slight_smile:

Loads of people do that already. I think there might only be a problem if you use a bought chart or pattern to create the embroidery design, although I have seen machine embroidered “bought designs” added to a bought product and it’s not been disallowed… If you’re doing your own design, and are bringing your own creativity into it, I’d say you’re right on the mark.

Thanks everyone, definitely my own designs, so I’m grateful for your replies. These are a few of my work in progress using blank canvas bags…not sewn up yet, just placing pieces…



I make necklaces but don’t make the beads I use, so yes, Id say you’d be fine.