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Trying to understand what makes handmade

I wasn’t sure where to put this topic, but I have a question about handmade items.

I’m really new to Folksy, and I’m trying to figure out how much we would need to change supplies in order to use them.

I understand that you aren’t supposed to use mass produced components in your design unless you make some changes to it. So no ‘thing with a thing’ type pieces.

But I don’t quite understand how we stand with a handmade craft supply, that isn’t made by us? Can we, for instance, purchase a handmade glass bead, pendant, connector, etc and then add a leather cord, or chain, of our own?

Can anybody clarify, please?

You will see things appear on here which are perhaps a simple Tibetan silver charm, bought in from Ebay which has just been hung from a chain or chord. Now that is I’m pretty sure classed as Assembled and is Not handmade and is therefore not allowable. I think though if there were some beads or wire work added to the charm then that would move it to the Handmade category.

You are not ‘expected’ to make your own beads just as I’m not expected to actually make my own glass. I buy it in sheets and I cut it to shape but the glass I buy / cut is not handmade.

The things which are obviously only assembled are very likely to be reported to Folksy by ‘us’ and are likely to be removed if Folksy agree.

@folksycontent Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi Lynne. This is the definition of handmade that we have in our terms and conditions:

Handmade goods

At least one of the following criteria must be met to list an item on Folksy:

  • Majority Handmade : The item is handmade by you through a craft practice, for example knitting (either using a pattern you have created or one that you have permission to use) or woodturning or sewing. Full list of Supported Craft Practices.

  • Original Design : The item has an original design. For example we allow prints of illustrations or decals of original artwork. However, these must be your original design, not somebody else’s, or a copy of someone else’s. We also allow jewellery designs using mass produced beads where more than one element is involved in the defining feature of the finished product. Please see our note below about ‘assembled’ jewellery.

2. Assembled items

We don’t allow items on Folksy that have been simply ‘assembled’ from mass produced components with little or no original design involved, for example:

  • Nappy cakes, gift baskets etc.
  • Assembled jewellery, where the defining characteristic of the item is the charm or mass produced piece on it, for example, a mass produced charm attached to a chain.

I hope that helps. If you’re not sure, you can email our support team at and they can have a look at your items for you.


Jewellery is a tricky one, really. Its not like knitting a pair of socks, for instance. That’s pretty clear because you end up with a product that was just a ball of wool before. A lot of jewellery is made with commercial components put together in differing ways, and its really where the line is drawn between just assembly and designed.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my newbie question!

Thank you very much for your response. I had read this but it was the line:

for example, a mass produced charm attached to a chain

That seems to imply that you could buy a handmade (so not mass produced) charm and then add your own cord or chain. I’m not saying that I was planning to do that, I’m just trying to sort out where the boundaries lie.

Its helpful to know there is somewhere to check suitability of products first, too. Thank you.

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I do agree. There are some which appear which are quite obviously not handmade and simply assembled, others which are obviously very much handmade and a bit of a grey area in the middle but as Camilla says if you have any doubt about something Folksy support is there to help. xx

I’m sure I will need to seek their advice sooner or later!

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