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(CraftyMountainAngel) #1

I clicked on the gifts for ‘Animal Lovers’ on the front page, clicked on an item and was distressed to see the illegal practice of ‘cubbing’ promoted in the description. My question is should Folksy more closely vet the items it actively promotes? And for that matter, those it doesn’t.
(My previous post on this issue seems to have been removed, not sure why)

(Carrie ) #2

I agree with you, it’s a disgusting practice.

(Thedotterypotter) #3

I feel a bit ashamed of my ignorance but I had to google cubbing - and wow!

I do think that Folksy should have to approve all new shops before they can start selling but as for each individual item, that would be pretty time consuming.
This item could therefore have still slipped through the net.

As this item is in support of an illegal activity, then it should be removed or that particular promotion taken out of the description.

Have you reported the item?

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Hunting and cubbing are illegal in this country but there is nothing to stop a shop from shipping items overseas to a country where it is legal. The item in question is not illegal in this country and does not contravene Folksy’s T&Cs and it can be used for other equestrian sports which are legal in this country.
If you have any concerns about an item you should report it to folksy (there is a ‘report to folksy’ button on each listing or you can email and they can decide its fate be it removal from the site or having a word with the shop keeper about rewriting their descriptions to remove anything that people might find offensive. However we have to accept that if an item isn’t illegal or breaking the T&Cs then they are allowed to be listed even if it goes against our personal views.

(Thedotterypotter) #5

I don’t mean to be contentious but there are many activities which are legal in other countries (where an item could be shipped to) such as the use of cannabis in food but I don’t think Folksy would allow the sale of hash brownies on here. Is that a fair comparison, I’m not sure?

Actually, having thought about it, I don’t think the item needs to be removed, just that small part of the description.

ETA, actually, that’s not the same is it, as the item is not being made illegally, and the hash browns would be if made in the UK. I suppose intention is not necessarily illegal!
It depends how Folksy feel with being associated with promoting items that associate themselves with this practise.

Meh…I don’t know!

ETA: (again) I thought of a better comparison - what if someone made a zip purse and put in the description that it could also be used to store your cannabis stash in. Would that be deemed against Folksy T&C’s? If the same logic applies that it could be shipped to a country where having a cannabis stash was legal?

(Sasha Garrett) #6

Just because a use has been suggested and the item is traveling to a country where that use is legal doesn’t mean that it is going to be used for the suggested use. Our hypothetical zip purse could travel to Holland and have a stash put in it but equally it could have small change put in it, we can’t control what our products actually get used for once we have shipped them. So if any doubt about a listing I’d send it to Folksy admin to decide - they can have the brain ache of sorting out if it fits with the T&Cs and if the description needs altering.