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Any vegans out there?

Hello all! I’ve just opened up a little vegan business shop on here called Pudding’s Real Vegan Cakes & Bakes. Wondered if there were any fellow vegans on here? What sort of thing would you like to see available as cakes, bakes and sweets?


Hello and welcome to Folksy.
I’m not a vegan but my brother in law is and every Christmas we (the family as a whole) have problems with knowing what treats to get him, especially ones he can share with my sister, they tend to end up with a mountain of plain chocolate much to my sister’s dismay as she likes milk chocolate. So some sort of treats gift box not made up entirely of chocolate perhaps (however since this would be a once a year, at best, purchase I wouldn’t base any business models on it).

Hello Sasha, thanks for your reply!
I’ve already been thinking about Christmas items. To be completely honest, a mixed chocolate box hasn’t occured to me, but that’s a great idea. I like the idea of flavouring vegan alternative to milk chocolate with Christmas spices and fruits etc…maybe cranberry ‘white’ chocolate and cinammon dark etc…there will also be marzipan topped mince pies made with home made sweet mince meat, cake pop snowballs and edible tree decorations. No doubt more will develop as we get closer to December! I’d like to make these available from October onwards.

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Hello Megan,
I’m not a vegan, but I have a young friend who is a bit of a vegan blogger. I hope it was OK I sent her a link to your shop as she loves cakes and may spread the word! Chocolate gifts as Sasha suggests sound good, they could be available all year as birthday gifts. Hope you do well. Amanda xxx

Hello Amanda!
Thanks for sharing my shop with your friend, the more promotion the better. I think a lot of success may come down to how much I advertise and spread the word, as lots of people may assume there isn’t a vegan option out there of what they’re looking for. Had to go on a vegan cream cheese hunt yesterday, after phoning three stores, I finally found it in the fourth, but the last pack!

Yes, I suppose you will spend a lot of time sourcing ingredients as it’s not like you can use any substitutes. Perhaps it will get easier as time goes on.