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New Shop, handmade confectionery, any advice welcome

(Crystal Clarke) #1

Hello, I opened my new shop yesterday.
I make handmade confectionery, mainly fudge at the moment in different, unusual flavours using natural ingredients, no additives, no colourings.

I would appreciate any advice and constructive critiscm.

Many thanks!

(Jacqui and Kerry) #2

Welcome to folksy. x

(Roz) #3

Hi Crystal @TheBikersHoard - you’re products look yummy and I wish you well on Folksy. The only thing I would say is that when I see handmade food items for sale I always worry about where they have been made. I am not for a minute suggesting that you do not follow the highest standards of hygiene but I would want to see a hygiene certificate or at least a statement that one can be provided if necessary. I may be alone in this but thought it might be worth mentioning as it might help.

(Amy Archer) #4

Hi, welcome to Folksy, I hope you enjoy selling here. I would agree with showing the certificate, perhaps you could add a photo of the kitchen where you make them and some of the stages?

(MadeintheTemple) #5

Love the story behind your brand and welcome to Folksy. Notice the postage is more than the actual item, that would probably put me off purchasing.

(Sarah Eves) #6

To be fair, all the items would need to be sent as a small parcel due to thickness of the item, where prices start at £2.95.
And that’s without taking in to account packaging, etc.
So the postage is fair.

(Bekki Stevenson) #7

Welcome to Folksy. I think you could add a few photos of the fudge itself in a product shot. Maybe piled on to a cute plate or board with some of the ingredients or with a cup of coffee (however you envisage the environment they would be served/eaten to look). Your shop front was a little bit difficult on the eye as all of the photos looked the same (For me anyway) so maybe you could mix in some photos of the fudge and ingredients as the first photo?

Your flavours sound delish by the way. I love the sound of ginger fudge.

(Crystal Clarke) #8

Hi @OrchardFelts thank you for your comment, I forgot to put my 5 star hygiene rating image in all the product images and have now added it :slight_smile: I have also added it to my about section image as Folksy only allow 1 image in the about section which is a shame, it would be good to be able to put a few in there :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #9

Yes @TheCraftingGardener great suggestion :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #10

Thank you @MadeintheTemple I only charge one postage price irrelevant of how many bags purchased and it is down to the weight :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #11

Thank you @thesherbetpatch yes I send as a small parcel and I think the postage is fair :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #12

Thank you @bekokodesigns yes you are right, great suggestion :slight_smile:

The ginger fudge is delicious and made with root ginger and ground ginger :slight_smile:

(MadeintheTemple) #13

Point taken, hope you do really well, Folksy is a lovely place to sell.

(Brenda Cumming) #14

welcome to Folksy x

(Crystal Clarke) #15

Thank you @teabreaks :slight_smile:

(Pauline Vinall) #16

Welcome to folksy.

(Jackie Marsh) #17

Welcome to Folksy and good luck. They all look and sound yummy.

(Julie Lewis) #18

Welcome to Folksy, liked your story and shop.
Best Wishes Julie&Adrian

(Crystal Clarke) #19

Thank you @Pjsartandcrafts :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #20

Thank you @SouthfieldBarnArt :slight_smile: