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Mars bar, Marathon, Bounty, Maltesers, After Eight, Jelly Babies!!!
Thought I’d throw a chocolate spanner in the works for all you dieters.
Eat rubbish, feel fab, I do.


You really make me laugh Steven, seen your facebook comment too.

I’m still eating my way through all the christmas chocs (only 3 boxes to go :smiley: ) I’m like that woman on the ads ‘I’m still a 12, I know I’m a 12,…… I’m not a 12 am I ?’

Edit- forgot the Turkish Delight so four boxes to go.


Just read that Almonds can reduce cholestorol and reduce risk of heart failure. So off to Waitrose to buy another ten bars of my favourite Green and Black’s Almond chocolate…or shall I buy 20 …? !


Mmmm…chocolate…I could eat it for breakfast (and sometimes do!)

I was given a large tub of Roses at Christmas, that I fully intended to share with the family…but nibbled my way through them, so had to go out and buy a couple of smaller boxes to fill the tub up with again so that they wouldn’t find out how naughty I’d been LOL!


LOL so funny Sara, I have done similar :wink:

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I bet Steven you are one of those people that can eat whatever they want without putting on weight. If my brother starts to feel as though he is putting on weight, he stops drinking ( all of 1 bottle of wine and 2/3 beers a week) and he can lose 7-10lb in a month so it really annoys me when he says I don’t see what your problem is, its easy to lose weight !!! … and it would have to be a Bounty for me :slight_smile:

Mmmmmm chocky. My favourite :smile:

I have so many boxes from Xmas I just don’t know where to start. I will probably work my way through them in best before date order.
My Husband is on a diet so I guess its up to me to plough through them :wink:

Karen (happy chomping)

Well I don’t have any chocolate left from xmas, I did cook a cake the other day and set aside half the cake for my mum who had told me how to cook it, however by the time she came to visit I had eaten nearly all of it and there was only half a slice left so I told her the cat had got hold of it! :blush:

Chocolate - ate a yorkie bar at half ten this morning. Mmmm.


Now you’re talking :wink:
I adore the Lidl dark chocolate with orange

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I had 3 After 8’s earlier today. They were fab. I wanted 20.


I have the solution for you. I saw a computer-driven chocolate printer last month. You put melted chocolate in the container, scan in your design or photo and it prints out a chocolate image of it.
So you could, perhaps, make duplicates of all your boxes of chocs you are given, and no one would ever know…
Could also have a new craft category - Chocolate printing !

Somehow, think the crafters might consume more than they sell…


Here is a wonderful vegan chocolate cake recipe. You can use any sort of vinegar by the way, and I always mix it in a separate bowl, not the baking tin. Also I always line the tin with baking parchment as otherwise the cake can stick to the sides.
Vegan Chocolate Cake

PS: the link goes on to a second page - don’t miss that or you’ll miss the chocolate icing!!


YUMMIE I will have a go making this, thanks for the recipe


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Thanks for the recipe Iguana :wink: I’ll give that a go.

I used to make vegan brownies for my daughter, they were really tasty. Liz

I only eat white chocolate normal chocolate makes me Ill. But iv managed to eat my fair share of chocolate.
Just had white chocolate twix.

Iv also made normal and white chocolate peanut butter chocolate brownies.
Now I’m hungry :blush:

Does proper chocolate have less calories? You know, the proper chocolate with 80% cocoa. Bare in mind most UK choccy bars have loads of fat in them I wondered if swopping to proepr choccy may be an idea.

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I’m not sure but I do love high% chocolate like Lindt 85- and Sainsbury’s do a lovely Taste the Difference 85% pack that looks like one bar of chocolate but is in fact 5 small bars at 150 calls each :blush:

Had a horrendous day at work yesterday so as usual got chocolate cravings. I needed to get a lottery ticket so I thought OK i’ll buy just a small bar of chocolate rather than the family size bar. Imagine my horror when I got to the lottery till to discover all the goodies have been replaced with cereal bars, fruit pots, porridge pots and other things which I would only eat if I was so hungry I was starting to feel ill !!! I could have cried but on the plus side I didn’t 200 calories that I didn’t really need.