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Anyone else having PayPal problems?

(Karen Ellam) #1


I’m getting so fed up with PayPal lately. It makes me wonder if the problems I’m having is the same as some customers here who appear to put things in their basket but don’t continue to check out. Maybe they can’t process the payment through PayPal so just give up.

Paypal always worked great for me until the last two app updates. Now it won’t recognise my login details right at the crucial point of payment. I’ve had to give up trying to pay for my EBay goods as I just can’t access my account.
It would be exactly the same if I tried to purchase from Folksy right now.

I just wondered if anybody else was encountering the same frustrating problems. It is a worry when we rely on it so much.

Karen :confounded:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

You might try contacting paypal themselves if the problems continue.

I’ve not had any problems paying with paypal myself as of late I’ve bought a lot of items off ebay via my paypal account.

A couple of times it didn’t recognise my password but I wonder if that was because I type so fast and I might have made an error. So I’ve taken to typing my paypal password very slowly.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I use paypal a lot too and haven’t ever had any problems with it.

(Donna) #4

I’ve been having loads of problems with my iphone paypal app, for weeks I just couldn’t use it at all! If you go to the app store and look at all the recent reviews it looks like everyone has been having the same problem. They keep posting updates so I think they must be working on it.
Donna x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Oh I notice you mentioned the apps thingie. I don’t have a smart phone so don’t have the apps I only use my paypal on my personal laptop.

(Karen Ellam) #6

Thanks Donna @shropshirenaturalproducts
I never had any problems until they started fiddling about with app updates. Why they roll new ones out until fully tested is beyond me.
I only ever use my tablet device as its always been so easy. I may have to blow the dust of the ol’ laptop :kissing:

Karen :raising_hand_woman:

(Donna) #7

I know, it’s a nightmare,! and apple are supposed to check every app and update before they go into the app store too! I couldn’t work with just my mobile devices, I need my little laptop :slight_smile:
Donna x

(Margaret Jackson) #8

That must be the answer then, it must be the apps. I’m still in the dark ages and won’t use apps, only use my PC. I use my smartphone to read things but I don’t fully understand apps and avoid them!

(Karen Ellam) #9

I’ve just booted my daughter off the PC and completed my order that
I don’t think she was impressed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had no problems so must be an app only issue. I hope it gets fixed soon, but if people have been complaining for nearly 3 months I don’t think they are in any rush!!!

Karen :four_leaf_clover:

(Donna) #10

They have managed to fix the iphone version so maybe the ipad fix will be coming soon Karen, I’ll keep my fingers crossed lol
Donna x

(Pauline Hayward) #11

I sent out an invoice this morning in which it got paid pretty quick with no problem and I’ve just sent another one, that was straight forward even though the customer hasn’t paid yet for that one. That was all done on my ipad.


(Madein W6) #12

I’ve had the opposite experience with Paypal! My account was recently hacked and they were on to it in minutes, shut it down, contacted me, and we got it sorted out. I realise this doesn’t help the app / login problems, but what I would say is that if you call their customer service team they are incredibly helpful and can unravel any problems on the spot.

Good luck!

(Jo Sara) #13

Just seen this thread. I had a customer on here that had problems on Tuesday morning paying through Paypal. I sent him an email asking if he was having problems. He got back a couple of hours later saying he was. I cancelled the order (just found out you can do that straight away now rather than waiting for 24 hours like you used to have to), he started the process again and it all went through ok.

He did actually say to me though that the same thing happened to him the last time he bought something from Folksy. It is odd. I’ve only ever had customer having problems paying with Paypal on this site. And it’s usually if they are trying to pay by card without using a Paypal account.


(Kate Turner) #14

Has anyone else noticed with Paypal I just received an order and the total including P&P was 24.50, when I checked in with Paypal account it shows 23.47 are they taking their handling fees off straight away now.
Tried to click on the contact button and it went on forever and I just gave up.


(Ronald Koorm) #15

I managed to get it back to the previous classic view, and by-passed the new version. So much better. They then asked for comments on why I prefer ‘Classic view’. I could understand the previous version, and find my way around with no problem, unlike this new layout of the system, which is far from user-friendly. Another example of " if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it !"