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Anyone else here use Etsy too?

(Crystalphace Crafts) #1

If so, How are sales between folksy and etsy?

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Crystal, there are lots of threads about this already on the forum, why not have a search around and you’ll find lots of info and discussion on this subject.

Here’s a link to one of them:

(Nicky B) #3

I sell on both, and I like both. Folksy is getting better all the time, so I’m glad to have a shop here! Navigation isn’t as slick, like you say, but they are improving :sunny:

(Crystalphace Crafts) #4

Etsy is slow to start but when it ppicks up it is good!

I do a lot of promoting for that, plus my personal life, Not sure how I will be able to do both but I guess I will have to see how it goes!

(Margaret Jackson) #5

As a buyer I gave up on Etsy quite a while ago. It’s too vast and impersonal for me and as I won’t buy from abroad there’s a lot that I can’t/won’t buy anyway. I know a lot of people on here and it’s a lovely community. I like buying from people I’ve got to know on here, it’s not like buying from total strangers. Each to their own though.

(Yvette ) #6

I am on both too, more sales the other side but with this new improved Folksy my sales are slowly picking up here. I love it on here as it feels more personal and friendly as the other is so much bigger and they do complain a lot.

(Amberlilly) #7

I wish Folksy was busier with more traffic, I checked my analytics on Google an its always flatlined, this is why I haven’t many items in my shop, there’s not a lot of visitors here.

(Shirley Woosey) #8

Lin @Amberlilly regardless of the amount of traffic that Folksy receives, you will never get many sales with only 4 items in your shop!
You need to give potential customers plenty to browse through in order to keep them in your shop and give them some choice.

Would you bother looking in a shop that had so few items for sale?

You have 60 items in your Darkside shop. Even if they are all One of a Kind items you could still list them on Folksy too.
I list the same items in both of my shops, several are One of A Kind and in over three years I have never slipped up and sold the same item to two people.

The optimum number of items in an Online Shop is recommended to be at least 100 items to be successful.

Shirley x

(Margaret Jackson) #9

I have to agree with Shirley, a shop with only four items in it has only a very small chance of a sale. You need a couple of pages worth to grab people’s interest. I find that shops with very little stock look a bit half hearted, like you’re not trying very hard!

(Amberlilly) #10

Shirley I totally agree with you. I started with all good intentions to put what I have on the dark side, but then looked to see how busy people where by asking in the forums and it put me off as no one even thought the plus account was worth doing! So stopped adding. But the forums now seem much more upbeat and positive then they did a few months ago. So come this weekend I shall just go for it and see how many listings I can do.

(Sharon Robins) #11

I only have 2 items in my shop at the moment, but that is just the nature of what I make. It can take 2-3 months to put a pattern together, until I learn how to get faster at it. I haven’t long had my shop open, but it will fill up eventually. I am selling on Etsy too, but it hasn’t been long enough to have any comparisons between them.

(Shirley Woosey) #12

Sharon @RaggyRobin your pdf patterns look great.
Obviously not everyone can fill up their shop quickly and putting a pattern together for a pdf file for sale is very time consuming.
I know because I have a miniatures shop where I sell pdf patterns for miniature dolls’ house carpets, as well as my main shop selling book covers etc.
Stick with it Sharon because the best thing about producing pdf patterns is that once they are complete you don’t have to do the work again, you just send an email with the files, over and over again hopefully. It’s more of a long term strategy.

Lin @Amberlilly glad to hear you are going to fill up your shop.
Don’t take too much notice of people on the forums saying that the Plus Account is no good.
Plenty of us have the Plus Account and a lot of the Top 40 Folksy Sellers never come on the forums and they are selling well.

(Sharon Robins) #13

Thanks @WhimsyWooDesigns . Yes it will be a long slow process, but I’m just hopefully going to enjoy the journey.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #14

No!!! It isn’t just you! Ditto from me too, but I do like the fact that Folksy is UK based and everyone is so lovely here…bare with Folksy…I think the more we all ask nicely, the more Folksy will ‘shape up’…!!