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Selling clothing etsy or folksy?

Hi sellers, quick question I would really appreciate your help on. I have a physical shop which after 5 years I’m closing to move my business online (for many reasons most to be flexible with working hours) I make handmade clothing for women, think a cross between Zara & boden bright colours, patterns, simple shapes. But what’s better to sell on etsy or folksy? Advice please?? Thankyou in advance

Folksy, clearly - would we say anything else?!

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You are asking this on a Folksy forum…?:hushed:

I will say Folksy…but then I have never been on Etsy, so can’t compare, but there are people on here who sell on both.

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I would advise that you should sell on both, as both sites probably have different customers and it’s best not to put your eggs all in one basket in my opinion

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I’m aware it’s a folksy forum :slight_smile: but I know a lot of people who sell on both and I was trying to gauge what would be best. Looking through the forum a lot of people have asked the same question regards jewellery etc. Just after advice that’s all, thanks

Not quite sure how exactly you’re going to sell anything with an empty shop :confused:

I sell on both. At different times, I get different amounts of interest on each site. I’d list on both, and see how it goes. You can list the same items on both, or different items on each (that’s what I do, as not everything I make can be replicated, and I can’t always be at my computer/phone to remove items that have sold in one place but not the other due to the demands of my 9 to 5!