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Anyone got an extraordinary life story for Marie Claire magazine?

(Camilla) #1

I saw this call out from a journalist and thought it might be perfect for one of you.

Marie Claire are looking for case studies aged 20-39 for a new Marie Claire feature called ‘You’d never guess that’, which features ordinary women who have extraordinary stories.

This is the brief:
In particular I am looking for the following: women who have unusual jobs, who have survived a major illness/operation, have gone through a strange / unusual life experience or have done something kind for another person.

Women must be aged 20 - 39 and based close to, or in, the following cities - BRIGHTON, DUBLIN, CARDIFF, MANCHESTER and GLASGOW - and be willing to have a short phone interview as well as attending a photo shoot.

This feature is for print & online. Here is an example of the kind of things I am looking for:

Please send me a synopsis of your story as well as recent photographs.

If you think your story might fit the brief or you know someone else who has an extraordinary story, email Natasha Eve Wynarczyk with a synopsis and some images at

(Amanda Robins) #2

I’m in Manchester and tick all the boxes for this except for the age range. What a shame the brief is age-specific as it will restrict so many of us from getting involved. Considering sexism, racism and many other ‘isms’ are a real no-no these days how come ageism is allowed to thrive unquestioned?

(Camilla) #3

It might be worth emailing the journalist anyway @chicita. As a fellow over-39er I totally agree with you!

(Amanda Robins) #4

I think I will, Camilla!

(Samantha Stanley) #6

Like you Amanda, I fall outside of the age range as I just turned 40 a couple of months ago. I suppose Marie Claire think that is their readership age, but it seems a bit short-sighted (!)

Love Sam x

(Samantha Stanley) #7

Go for it!!

(Amanda Robins) #8

I sent my email and photos through last night. I’ll let you know the outcome. Stevie and Samantha, why don’t you do it too just to show them that being out of their demographic does not mean we will lie down and be invisible.
So does this mean that all blokes and those women over the age of 39 can’t read this mag?! Hey, maybe we should wing it and claim to be 35 and female with an interesting story. Artistic licence??

(Camilla) #9

I’ve just seen another alert that might be interesting for Folksy sellers:

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