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Closer Magazine are looking for women with money worries!

(Camilla) #1

Ok, so controversial, I know, but Closer Magazine are looking to speak to women aged 20-50 with ANY sort of financial concern, whether serious or not - and being self-employed makers I thought there might be someone out there on Folksy who fitted the bill :wink:

This is the brief:
It could be a women with unexpectedly high household bills/vet bills, a sudden money concern (house fire/flood/boiler), someone having trouble saving for a wedding/affording going to a friend’s wedding/hen party, struggling to save to start a family, being charged for overdraft fees, parking or speeding tickets - anything you think might work, please get in touch asap!

If that’s you, you can email the journalist Deborah Cicurel at or tweet her @DebsCic