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Anyway to list an "employee"?

(FJDesignsLtd) #1

Hi everyone

Just a quick Q - I’m looking at selling items made by my friend in my, to be set-up, shop, based loosely on an idea by myself. On another selling website, naming no names, you can list other users as “employees” so that you can sell their handmade items in your shop.

Is there any way to do this on Folksy? I don’t want to break the T&Cs my first time listing stuff!

(It would only be a portion of the items listed, just for info; there’d be a mix of other stuff too)


(Sarah Lambert) #2

You can set up the shop in both your names - you are the designer after all I take it?

(FJDesignsLtd) #3

I’m not exactly the designer (it is literally “Hey, I’ve had an idea for one of those sculptures you make around a [craft supply item I would be providing]”) of it, and I think she has her own shop on here already.

I would prefer to set the shop up in just my Limited company name, due to a lot of complicated matters in regards to the HMRC and Companies House. Obviously if that’s the only option, then that’s what I’d have to do (it would be a shame to omit her work from my idea due to this, so I’d work it somehow).

Could I, if she does have a shop on here, say “item handmade by [link to shop] based on a design by [me]”, if I then go about designing it properly and sending her design documents?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

(Christine Shephard) #4

As long as you are either the designer or the maker of the items, you can list them in your shop. You can’t add an employee, but you could mention that your friend is the maker in the listings, or in your profile. You can’t sell items that you haven’t either designed or made yourself.

(Angela Callanan) #5

??? I thought you said this person was your friend. All sounds very strange and complex. Probably best to ask Folksy Admin.

(FJDesignsLtd) #6

@Ciesse: Thank you, I think I’ll try to make it an official design thing and then, if Folksy ask, send them the relevant “proof I’m the designer” documentation

@AngelaCallanan: She is my friend, but she’s also a self employed artist who has numerous shops on numerous sites to sell her own items :slight_smile: But she’s better at sculpture than me, hence my interest in getting her to create my idea rather than me trying to make a subpar product and disappointing myself and any potential buyers

Any idea on how to ask an Admin? :slight_smile:

(Helen Smith) #7

You can email

(Angela Callanan) #8

(FJDesignsLtd) #9

Thank you everyone :slight_smile: the help is greatly appreciated!