Folksy Ltd

Apology for re-listing

(Sue Bentley) #1

Sorry folks. Nit at all sure how this happened. I was relisting an expired item, which I had selected and was on a page all by itself, as usaual, I selected re-list and for some reason my entire shop was relisted. Strange ,annoying and I’m embarrassed - I wouldn’t have intentionally done this - sorry!

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Ouch, expensive. Can you add new info and pics of new things youve made to the relisted pages so your getting your moneys worth, otherwise your paying for duplicates.

(Sue Bentley) #3

Fortunately, I have a plus account - so no expense but I don’t like to clog up the system in this way. I’ve just signed out to be able to access the recently listed items and it seems there were several other ‘complete shop’ re-lists so I don’t feel quite so bad now

(Marg) #4

Sometimes if a shop’s plus account is about to run out the owner of the shop relists their whole shop items, so that they will have a 4 month listing. I know it does seem annoying when one shop has pages of listings, but being able to list when you like and how many you like is an advantage of a plus account, whether it’s right or not to list too many is for the individual to decide. Maybe Folksy should put a limit on how many relists you can carry out in any one day, just a suggestion. Marg. x

(Roz) #5

I don’t see any problem with people listing as much or as little as they like as I believe it has an effect on where your items appear in category searches and I think of it as a perk of the plus account. I do think its a shame though that these re lists appear in the “recently listed” list - it would be much better if that was exclusively for newly listed items. I would love to browse the recently listed but get bored when seeing whole shops as can’t be bothered - I suspect for new visitors to Folksy this would also be the case - they may even think Folksy doesn’t have much variety to offer if all they see are complete shop re lists. It must be possible to separate the re lists from the new listings as only newly listed items appear in the recently listed slot on the FP.

(Dawn Sneesby) #6

I agree with what you are saying Roz, there wouldn’t be much point in investing in the plus account if you didn’t list regularly. Would be much better if they changed recently listed to newly listed items on the front page, as when you list something new odds on they don’t get shown which is a shame really.

(Sue Bentley) #7

I guess the distinction between the two types of ‘new’ listing would be the answer. Despite my Plus account I have only re-listed a handful of items each day in order not to clog up the newly listed feature - I wouldn’t have intentionally re-listed the whole lot today - but I would get more value from my account if I could do so without feeling guilty.

(Kim Blythe) #8

I re list everything most days…but split it in to 3 parts…re list a few in the morning, then afternoon and the last few in the evening…that way I get 3 chances of my shop being seen by someone!..I do only have about 25 items in total though, at the moment.
I agree it’s annoying when you list a new item and it just gets lost amongst some whole shop re lists.