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Hooray! Recently listed are on the front page

(Thecraftycurioshop) #1

Just went on the ‘unsigned in’ front page and you can now click through to the recently listed. I don’t know if that includes re-listed items. I tried it but can’t get back onto that page as I have signed in!

(Christine E.) #2

I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it. I experimented by relisting something and it did appear. I hope people won’t start relisting their whole shops again, though! Let the customer see a bit of variety…

(Joy Salt) #3

Yes I had to relist half a page full this morning - but only because they were about to expire - then felt guilty as they filled the newly listed page for a couple of minutes… still needs must…

(Julie) #4

@thecraftycurioshop - a little tip - if you open a New Private Window in your browser, you can view the site in “unsigned in” mode without signing out of your own account.

I use Firefox, I presume other browsers have private windows too.

(Stephanie Guy) #5

Surely folksy can display only the real new listings and exclude the relists? It could be done on the pics so it must be possible. I relist a page a day to keep my items near the top of searches and to make the most of my plus account, but I don’t especially want them to show on the recently listed section.

(Roz) #6

Glad its back but I agree with Stephanie, I often re-list a page of my shop and always feel guilty about clogging up the recently listed. I’m not even sure it is beneficial for large chunks of one shop to appear there anyway as I think it would put people off looking at it as they don’t always get to see any variety. Genuine new listings must be possible @sianfolksy.

(Thecraftycurioshop) #7

Thank you Julie @NightOwlCreative I will have a look at that. I’m using Google Chrome.

(Julie) #8

Just checked - it’s called “Incognito Mode” on Chrome, here’s a link:
It’s a very useful feature :slight_smile:

(Tracey Christie) #9

I have just checked the newly listed page and there are 1 of 2870 pages and 172192 items, boy that will take some time to scroll through. Maybe that’s why my items aren’t getting seen at all !!!

(Julie) #10

Tracey, I think it’s pretty much the entire content of the Folksy site, just sorted by most recent items listed - so if you list a new item, it WILL have its turn on Page 1, just maybe not for long, especially if people are re-listing entire shops.

I agree with suggestions that it would be good to include only completely new listings, but don’t know if that is possible or practical for the site.