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Quiet November?

October and November are normally my busiest months. October was ok, but November is really quiet. I am normally posting off 3-5 parcels a week, but this November I have only posted out 3 altogether. Is everyone quiet or is it just me? :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, it does seem quite quiet here at the moment compared to last year. But I must admit I haven’t renewed my Plus account yet, seeing how it goes without it. However on the other side, it is busier than ever for me. Will definitely stick with lovely Folksy though.

Looking back at my records November doesn’t really kick off for me until the last third. So far this year is tracking the same as previous years. I do wonder if people are starting to wait until after black friday to see what presents they can get at discounted prices and then filling in any gaps in their christmas shopping.


October was completely dead for me and so was the start of this month. I’ve had four sales in two days this week though, so I’m keeping everything crossed that it’s the start of things picking up.

I’ve got two Christmas fayres coming up which I’ve done incredibly well at in the past, so I’m hoping for plenty of sale there, but I always get far more excited about sales on Folksy for some reason.

Really quiet for me too, not had one sale this month which is unusual. Last November was fairly busy so here’s hoping the last 10 days or so of this month will pick up. Had quite a few sales on the other side though.

Yes definately in both my shops, certainly noticed a change this year.
Pleased it’s not just me!

I was just wondering the same myself. I’ve been really busy all year but the last couple of weeks have been really quiet. Very strange. Maybe it is Black Friday.
I also boosted a post on Facebook on Friday, which I don’t normally do and, although I’ve reached far more people, I’ve hardly had any interest. Normally there are lots of people chatting with me and taking an interest in my work. It’s all very odd.

I’m absolutely sure it’s Black Friday. It was similar last year and seemed to pick up again quite a lot afterwards.

Sam x

Thanks everyone…at least i know it’s not just me. I wonder if the rise in interest rates has also affected sales, people waiting to see if their mortgages are going to rise.
I was starting to wonder if I’m doing something wrong, even thought of opening a second shop so that I had 1 for bags and 1 for other items…wondered if my shop was just too muddled.

yep I’ve definitely been quieter in both my shops this year. Typical really as I lost my job in September so fingers crossed things will pick up as this is my only income at the moment xx

Ive only been here a month, so I’m not sure I can’t really compare. However, even though it’s gone mental busy over on the dark side, I was delighted to get my first Folksy sale a week or so ago…

I’d had 15 sales by this time in November last year, this year just 2.
And last year my sales were boosted when Folksy put an item of mine in their newsletter- I can’t see that happening again :slight_smile: .
So no, I’m not expecting to make my fortune this Christmas…
Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

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Haven’t sold a thing this month.

It’s only the last few days it has gone quiet for me - the beginning of Nov was really busy.

Ive had 2 sales all year :o( But I like it here so Im staying.


Yes, it’s quiet for me too. Last year was quiet too, and previous years were much busier. Hadn’t thought of Black Friday as a reason, I thought it was the uncertainty of Brexit and interest rates, but I’m sure they all feature in people’s minds.

October was lovely & busy with a steady flow of sales… this month however is pretty slow so far.
I definitely think the hype of Black Friday has a knock on effect with our shops.
So many promos everywhere, even with handmade stuff it’s no surprise people hang on for bargains.

Let’s hope things pick up for us soon as this should be a really busy month with the build up to Christmas.


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I haven’s sold anything but have found it quite hard on here on the whole.

But glad I tried.

yes extremely quiet compared to other years

So many people I speak to this year…myself included…are either stopping presents completely for adults in the extended family or doing a Secret Santa and buying one present instead of lots.

So Christmas shopping seems to be down for a lot of people this year.