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Art Chat Thread October 2016

Welcome to October’s art chat thread. Where is this year going to? It’s scary how time flies.

Everyone is welcome to show and chat about any artwork, work in progress, anything you seen and been inspired by and so on. Please don’t feel you have to comment on all the work on here - some of us do, some of us don’t - no-one will take offence either way.

This is my latest listing, a common buckeye butterfly native to the US.


Maybe I can slot this little fella into this topic…

A young friendly fox, painted mainly in gauche (W&N).


I love your buttertly Steph, very vibrant. :slight_smile: And your fox is tottally gorgeous Alisa :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of pieces I’ve been working on.

“Hudol” means Magical in welsh.


Lovely artworks, everyone!

Just wanted to share a collage with details of my paintings. I am obsessed with collages at the moment :slight_smile:


afternoon everyone, fabulous work here :slight_smile:

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What a fabulous variety on show today, I love them all!

I’ve just got back from returning my son to uni - it’s been a long day, a ten hour round trip. Daughter went back on Thursday, also a ten hour round trip although hers is usually quicker but there was a lot of traffic. So now a have an empty nest and new art supplies to fill the gap :joy:

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Lovely artwork, so many different styles but all fab. My appliqué art is sometimes described as art sometimes craft and i have no idea which it is but maybe I can show my sunflower where I combine freestyle machine embroidery and hand embroidery:

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I would definitely describe your work as art Heidi, it’s lovely. My favourite is the girls on the tandem, legs in the air and dog running along beside them.

I painted this one in Mallorca, we saw lots of them around the hotel


Aw! Empty Nest :frowning:
I remember it well .
My 2 gfirls went to CapeTown varsity,as we lived there for a lot of years.
It was utterly worth it. One is now a Lawyer & the other a finance Auditor here in Uk.
Enjoy your new found artistic freedom & look forward to their visits home?
love Liz Taylor aka Hazy Daisy

WOW what super art work to start off October…such a lovely mixed variety…well done everyone and welcome to any newbies…we are very friendly here, please share all your work.
This week as well as paintings, I have been hand painting some greetings cards. This one was painted onto the card, then I cut out some poppy heads and hand painted these with watercolour. Added some glitter (those of you who know me will understand)…the add the poppy flowers to the painted background…ta dah !


I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it - they come home for a few weeks and then they’re gone again and it hurts every time. But it’s normal to feel like this and I’m very happy that they’re out adventuring :slight_smile:

I am a cruel Mummy…love my peace and quiet…lol…

today I have a 7x5" ACRYLIC painting on canvas board…I love painting this size, not too big and not too small.

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Peace and quiet? UGH! I find it hard to motivate myself when I’m alone, I get sad if I spend too long in my own company. Hence the amount of time I spend painting in coffee shops!

Have I shown you guys my beetle yet? I painted him in Mallorca, he was very big and shiny.

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Morning gang, it’s a gorgeous day here and set to be a gorgeous week too so with Stephie’s Sprogs back at uni I decided to clear out my bedding box, sort out towels for the puppy (errr where did all the towels go?) and give everything a good wash before winter comes.

Meanwhile, one of the new art supplies I got recently was some water brushes by ARTEZA, a company that I hadn’t heard of but they got good reviews on amazon. I’m very impressed - I got 4 brushes for £7.99, the barrels are nice and soft and they dispense water very well. The bristles are softer than my last lot of Pentel ones so I’m not sure if they’ll last as long. Anyway, this is what I painted with them yesterday



For some reason I can’t comment And post a link in the same thread. Love all your artwork on here :slight_smile:

Lovely work everyone…not sure why that happens Pam…we tried to sort it out before didn’t we?..baffles me…
Stephie, those are lovely …I crave peace and quiet…
today I have a watercolour landscape

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Yay I sold my puddy-tat :smile:

Fab work Brenda and Pam. I don’t understand why that happens either Pam, but at least you can post a second time with words.

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Good morning everyone, fabulous art here as always. Well done on the sales :). Not had much chance to paint myself lately but I did have a sort out over the weekend and came across some ACEO fantasy paintings I did a while ago and thought they would make fab gifts so I mounted them for a 7 x 5 frame and decorated the mounts with some glitter, because you can’t have a unicorn :unicorn: without glitter :wink: