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Art v. Nursery Wall Art: category advice please!

Hello, returning to my shop after several years and focusing on art prints rather than cards this time… advice on categories please!

I illustrate in watercolour along fairly child-friendly lines, perfect for nurseries. I’d merrily been listing under Art/Drawing & illustration/All until I noticed someone had used this:

Homeware/Rooms/Nursery/Nursery Wall Art.

Question: should I go general with Art or specific with the nursery theme, or does that limit things??

Newbie to the Forum, look forward to your advice!

Since you have several items that would fit in either of the suggested categories you could always recategorise a couple of them to nursery wall art, leave the others in their current drawing section and then use the stats to see which ones get better views. If one particular category makes a difference to the number of views you can always move the other listings over, if it doesn’t make much difference then you can leave them as they are.

I agree…put some on art and others on Nursery…that way you might attract some unsuspecting customers…and come and join us on the art thread on the forums x

ooh, that’s a rather cunning idea, I’ll try that. I’m loving the stats, didn’t have those when I last had my shop open.

Thank you, a good call. And I’ll join you on the art thread just as soon as i can find it…

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