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Research - how would you search for this item?

Hello - could I do a quick straw poll as to how you would search, if you were looking for a picture to go in a child’s bedroom. All answers appreciated, as it’ll help me to put my products in the right categories.

I would probably start with the category search and have a quick browse through the ‘art’ categories. As there isn’t a sub-category for children’s art - and assuming I wasn’t looking for a particular medium - I’d maybe try the ‘homeware - by room - nursery - wall decoration’ category. If that didn’t bring up anything suitable, I’d do a search - maybe ‘art for children’, ‘children’s art’, ‘nursery pictures’.

Hope that helps.
(btw, I did come across your work in most of those searches!)

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Thanks @ciesse - that’s how I would search too but I wondered if that was only because I’m used to the categories. I wanted to get a sense of how others searched and maybe place some items in each category that was mentioned.

I really wish I could view the stats on how many of the people who buy from Folksy start their journeys. Unfortunately, I haven’t sold enough pictures or prints to be able to do this off my stats alone!! :slight_smile:

I think I would search for “picture” plus something specific to the child in question, so perhaps “picture” + “elephant”, or “picture” + “circus” and see what that brought up first. Then I might refine the search by adding “child” or “art” or “framed”.

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Thanks @silvapagan for replying.

I tried a couple of searches and was a bit put off because despite searching on what I thought was quite a tight remit: e.g. Elephant picture, there are all sorts of other items appearing such as toys, brooches, key rings etc. I think one thing I am going to do in the meantime is have a look at the request to improve Folksy’s internal search and see if I can give it a boost with my remaining votes!!

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I used the search… Homewares then typed in picture then from the choice menu I picked nursery and playroom.
Hope this helps.


Yes it does, thank you. I am going to test out a few combinations and take things from there!!