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I'm not sure which listing category to use - can you help?

(Heidi Meier) #1

Hi - I’ve introduced a new product and am in the process of listing it in my Folksy shop. But I’m struggling as to where to put it.

It’s a picture, personalised, made from a combination of fabrics and printing so technically I suppose it’s a mixed media??? It’s essentially a bigger picture version of my mini-monster cards, personalised.

It’s aimed at families although I guess you can always have one made for a couple.

My dilemma is whether I list it in the Art section or in another section such as Children’s etc.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



(Little Ramstudio) #2

Suggest mixed media in the Arts but then use your tags to hit the personalized childrens market :slight_smile:

(Heidi Meier) #3

Thanks @littleRamstudio - I had forgotten about the impact of the tags! Cheers!! :slight_smile: I can get listing now as keen to tick this off the to-do list!!

(Heidi Meier) #5

Well @littleRamstudio and @stevieafloat - I went for a wild card and put it in Nursery, Wall art. Will try that for a couple of weeks then switch to Mixed Media. I felt, on reflection, anyone searching by categories would be less surprised to see it in the nursery section rather than the arts bit (a complete change of thinking to my first thoughts!!). Let’s see how that goes, but I have added some tags and will have a play around with those too… Thanks again! :slight_smile: