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Back after a break

(Lemonade Sundays - Emma) #1

Hello lovely people.

I used to have a shop on here years ago (byemmacressey) but fell pregnant and my little girl took up all my spare time, now she is a little older I’ve decided to set up again. I’m going on a the Princes trust enterprise programme, setting up on here and on etsy and in the process of setting up my website and facebook page.

Please pop and say hello, I’d like some friends on here!

Please also share your pages so I can return the favour as well.

Thankyou, xx

(Beadypool) #2

Welcome back to Folksy. All the best with fitting lemonadesundays in and around you little one. I do the same around my two and I’m sure many others do too.
I’ll pop by your facebook page in a bit and say hi - all the best with your new venture x

(Lemonade Sundays - Emma) #3

Thank you - I popped to see you too.

(Lynn Britton) #4

Welcome back to Folksy. I wish you good luck with your shops, I don’t do facebook so cant like you on there, but why not join in some of the promotion threads on here, we show and promote each other on craftjuice etc.
Lynn x