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I've been away for a while - but thought I'd pop back!

Hi all,

Hoping life in Folksy is good.

I’ve been focusing on my Etsy shop where I’ve been MANIC for Xmas and New Year so thought it was about time to take my shop off Holiday Mode and give the platform another crack.

I’ve got many more items to list over coming days but wondered whether anyone had any cunning tips for me on how to grow my Folksy business?

Always love to hear from other people about things they’ve tried which worked - and those which didn’t.

Appreciate any help you can be.

Have a wonderful day and happy sales.


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Nice to see you here, Claire! But I think it’s probably Bad Form to advertise your Other Shop in your Maker profile!

oops. that was from an eon ago; gone now. Thanks for noticing. Loving your designs btw.

Is it busy here right now? Last time I gave Folksy 100% and listed over 100 items sales were a trickle to say the least.


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Really slow here. All my socials lead to folksy yet I get more sales on the other side. I did loose heart with folksy for a bit and although my shop remained open, I wasn’t active here for about three months. I came back mid January and really started promoting again but only had 1 sale.

I love folksy, love the people but when my plus account runs out I will really have to think about leaving. :pensive:

That’s a shame Carol. Same here last year for me. I’m just giving it another burst to see how things go. Good luck :blush:

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Thank you, you too :slight_smile: