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Back to Folksy with 20 free listing

Hi all I started a Folksy shop over a year ago but didn’t really get the hang of it. Will admit was new to the selling game and didn’t use Twitter then or have the shop now link on my fb page. Having these additional net working aids now and hopefully my photo skills have improved a little over the past year I decided to give it another go encouraged by the e mail I received from Folksy to list 20 items free of charge. if anyone has time would appreciate a visit to my shop and any feedback you may have. Thanks very much. Here’s the link to my shop

I think your shop looks great, I love the autumnal scarf :slight_smile:

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Shop looks lovely, love the funky jingle bell elf slippers :smile:

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thank you Violet Jewellery very kind.

Thank you Jacqueline O Jewellery I must admit I am quite pleased with how the shop looks this time round my photos were not very good in the first one. Hoping the slippers will sell well this time of year :wink:

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I’m back too with the tempting offer of free listings!

I see my photographs as prints, photo blocks, and cards and I have a small selection of my full range listed at the moment.

It’s certainly different here since I ‘went away’ a couple of years ago.

My shop is here if you fancy a look -

Me too. it looks more streamlined and easier to use here now.

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yes I agree seems easier Sarah I’ll pop over in a mo