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Bad feedback wrongly given

(Laura Weston) #1

I have a customer who returned a necklace after the 14 day period, saying it doesn’t hang right. I’ve looked at the necklace and it hangs fine for me. I have still given her a refund, but she says she is going to leave bad feedback as I wouldn’t refund the return postage. The folksy return postage states that the responsibility is with the buyer, but she is still not happy, and being quite aggressive. Is there any way to counter bad feedback with your own response? Thanks

(Rachel) #2

No advise for you just wanted to show my support for you and the fact that you have done everything right.

(Laura Weston) #3

Thanks so much! The whole thing has been really upsetting as I try so hard to keep my customers happy. I even sent an email of me wearing the necklace to show it hung right. She also says I haven’t processed refund as it isn’t in her account, and doesn’t understand it takes a while to get there. I have also sent a screenshot of PayPal to prove I have refunded it. Your support means a lot :slight_smile:

(Melanie Commins) #4

When it comes to feedback you don’t agree with I think the best thing you can do is to accept it and move on. It’s your customer’s opinion and they are entitled to it … whether you think it’s right or not is largely irrelevant.

I wouldn’t recommend countering it at all.

(Marg) #5

Sorry to hear of your dilema. Can Folksy remove negative feedback if it’s unjust. I would email them and ask their advice. Send Folksy Admin a copy of the email she sent you saying she is going to leave negative feedback, because this sounds like blackmail, and you have done everything correctly. I would advise not getting into any more conversations with her. Hope this helps. Marg. x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

The fact she’s returned it after the 14 days( btw did she first contact you about returning the item before sending it back)

Makes me wonder why keep it so long you’d think she’d try it on as soon as it arrived.

Do you mind me asking how much longer after the 14days did she leave it before contacting you about returning it.

I find her threat of bad feed back very alarming smacks of the old ebay blackmail tactics.

So sorry you are going through this don’t given in to her bullying tactics but remain professional and polite.

(Liz Clark) #8

I think if the feedback is about the returns policy all you can do, if you wish to respond, is state that postage is paid by the buyer as per Folksy returns policy. You went above and beyond as it was refunding her when it was outside the 14day return policy.

(Rachel) #9

I think @Beledien has a good point, dont let one person’s opinion sully your day, you know that your item was sent correctly and is a perfectly good piece of jewellery. Its just a shame that this has happened, but I think your shop and items are lovely and you know the quality of your own work. (((( hugs))))

(Christine Shephard) #10

The 14 day rule only applies if a customer chooses to cancel or changes their mind about a purchase. If they are claiming it is faulty, they have much longer in which to claim a refund, and return postage is then the seller’s responsibility. Whether it is actually faulty or not is in question here - the customer says it is, you say it isn’t. If the customer isn’t happy, there isn’t much you can do except try to pacify them and move on. If that means accepting there is a fault and refunding the postage, I’d probably do that and forget about it. It’s really not worth agonising over for the sake of a few quid. Just don’t accept any more orders from them.

(Liz Clark) #11

Good points Christine.

(Illustration + Ceramics) #12

Your unfortunate experience raises the question whether and if so how we can protect ourselves against inappropriate or even malicious feedback. I would take the matter up with Folksy. Getting the post removed may be one solution. Being able to post a reply may be another. Maybe sellers should stand firm and stick to the Terms & Conditions. After all, the buyer is being unreasonable if s/he expects that the terms should be disregarded.

(Melanie Commins) #13

It doesn’t sound like blackmail to me. The customer is obviously not happy with the way the pendant sits when being worn and feels that it is a fault in the design. They left negative feedback because they were out the postage costs for what they feel is a fault.

The seller has the right to disagree with the fact that it was faulty and not refund the postage cost. The customer has the right to disagree with that decision and leave what they feel is appropriate feedback.

(Laura Weston) #14

It was 19 days after. She ordered it on 28 Aug and contacted me Tuesday 16 sept evening. I was professional throughout nut she got aggressive. I’m going to get in touch with folksy, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

(Diane Keeble) #15

It’s an awkward one but she probably just changed her mind about wanting it - I would just refund everything and put it behind you xx

(Susan Bonnar) #16

Personally I would just pay the money to her, forget about it and move on.

Folksy can remove negative feedback if it is not correct though. I had some for some cards RM lost and although I refunded and replaced with extras too got left negative feedback. Folksy discussed it with the buyer and it was removed. Ironically that person (who hadn’t understood the implications of negative feedback) is one of my loyal buyers and has maybe placed 15 orders since then xx