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What to do with a negative review 😞

I’ve not been on folksy long, just over a month and I sold a small decorative bowl which someone has left 2stars on, no explanation or anything. imo it’s a lovely little bowl and the photos are clear but I know sometimes we buy things and the item is not what we had in our heads ( I know I’ve done it). They’ve not contacted me to ask to return it. I’d be happy for them to return it as if they dislike it enough to give it 2 stars I’d rather have it back tbh. now I worry it’ll put people off buying from me. Should I contact him and say he can return it if he’d like or just leave it and hope someone else buys something and leaves a good review.

Any advice welcome, thanks

Even if you contacted the seller and he returned the item with an explanation, would the low feedback be left on? Folksy might be able to give more information on that.
I don’t know whether this will affect your feedback forever, showing your feedback as below 100%.
It’s not fair that no comment has been left, if there is a problem how can you sort it out if you don’t know about it. I would be tempted to contact them and ask if there was a problem and offer a return as you have suggested.
Hope this is sorted for you.

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Thank you, I’m going to have a think about it probably overnight and decide what to do. My non confrontational self is inclined to leave it as he’s already done the damage by leaving the two stars and I assume in time if I get more reviews it’ll even out. It isn’t a problem someone not liking an item it happens from time to time after all but I just wished he’d contacted me and allowed it to be resolved.

Well, I have read the reviews for your other sales and they are fantastic! If I were a potential customer, I wouldn’t be put off by that one review against the others. After all, it’s not really a negative review.


That’s sad, Karen. We’d definitely recommend contacting the customer and asking if there was a problem with the order. It could be that the they made a mistake when leaving the review? If so, we can rectify that - just contact us at


Thank you, that’s cheered me up a bit :blush: it just makes me worry you know how it is :blush:

Thank you for the advice, I’ll contact him and hope he doesn’t shout at me, lol

I probably would contact them, not in a confrontational way, just in a polite, asking if there’s anything you can do to help sort of way. Something like “I noticed you left a 2 star review, please let me know if there is a problem with this item. If you’d like to return it then I can give you a refund, or if it’s just not quite what you expected then it’s helpful to know why, then I can make sure it’s extra clear in future listings.”

It’s hard for them to be angry if you’re just being nice, and sometimes it might just be something like them not realising the size because they didn’t pay attention to the description… then they should realise it’s their fault, but if it were something like it arrived damaged you need to know to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Thank you, yeah I’ve been mulling over polite, non confrontational sentences and you have definitely helped, :blush:

I hope it gets sorted, and even if not your average is still showing as 5 stars, so hopefully it shouldn’t have any effect on future customers.

I’ve just sent him a polite email enquiring if there was a problem or if he’d like to return it. So I’ll wait and see. But thank you, I just don’t like it’s currently right at the top of the review at the mo but hopefully in time it’ll move down. :blush:

I’ve had feedback, I don’t agree with it he disagrees with it being a small bowl, but as it’s a Christmas gift he said if it’s not satisfactory he’ll return it. So I’ll have to wait until after Xmas. :confused:

Did he explain why he gave you a two-star review?

He said it was a misleading description as he says it’s not a bowl but more like a tray. It’s not, it’s a bowl, a small bowl but a bowl, sigh. So nothing about quality, design or anything just he thinks it’s not a bowl.

Thank you for your support btw :blush:

I’m not sure you have to wait until he’s gifted it for Christmas, the returns policy is 14 days I think. If I’m correct you could gently remind him of that.

Also, just checking and I think for the future the depth could be included in the description and maybe photos from the side to show depth, the photos are all very similar.

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Thank you for your comments, I probably wouldn’t make another bowl for a while lol but yeah I’ll do that if I do.

I have a feeling from his email he’ll argue the point about returning it sooner, so I’ll feel better just letting him return it if need be in the new year it I’ll point out the 14days. :blush:

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Aw what a shame. I’m sorry to read about this, it seems unfair. Can Folksy take the review down? I’m new here so don’t know all the rules.

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Thank you :blush: and I don’t know, but as he likes it enough to give as a gift two stars seems very harsh. I’m just going to have to write it up to experience I think.

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So sorry to hear this. I’d say that as per the CCR’s you are more than happy to accept a return if it’s returned within 14 days, but you cannot accept a return if it’s passed 14 days. I’d tell them how to return it (2nd class signed for at their cost) and it must be returned in a re sellable condition

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