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Problems leaving feedback ?!

(Ali Dufty) #1

Has anyone else experienced problems either leaving feedback themselves , or customers not being able to leave feedback for you ?
I realize new buyers / non Folksy members are unable to leave it but I’ve had 'regular buyers ’ trying to leave feedback but tell me they are getting the ‘broken but beautiful’ icon .
I’ve had one customer in particular , try repeatedly to leave feedback , to no avail . I appreciate her perseverance ! ( she’s not had problems before ) Also reporting the problem to admin , who reply ‘we will check with technician’ , yet there is never any follow -up !! Naughty Folksy ;(
Frustrating for both sides. It makes me wonder who has tried and just given up .??!!!

(Amberlilly) #2

No I haven’t had a problem. All working. :grinning:

(Julie Maginn) #3

I’ve not had a problem leaving feedback but don’t know about the other way. I get emails from customers saying how happy they are with their purchase but they hardly ever leave feedback but maybe that’s because they can’t? Not sure if they know they can or not.

(bluebellwoodturning) #4

I always email customers asking them to let me know their parcel has arrived safely and if they are Folksy registered ask if they could let me know via feedback, if they are guest buyers I ask them to reply to my email. It seems to work I have had some lovely feedback which hopefully will assure future buyers.


(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

I’d never ask a customer to leave me feedback that’s so spammy. It’s not for us to ask it’s up the customer if they leave feed back or not. It’s lovely when a customer takes the time to leave feedback but I don’t mind if they don’t.

When I get that kind of email on ebay it puts me right off and I don’t leave feedback and I don’t ever buy from the person again.

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(Ali Millard) #6

I agree @EileensCraftStudio

(Ali Dufty) #7

I’m always very appreciative of anyone taking the time to leave feedback , but…

My original post / query was really with regards to any TECHNICAL issues anyone else was possibly experiencing??!! . It seemed that a couple people were TRYING to leave me feedback ( on a few occasions and over a 2 week period ) , but were unable to , due to ’ we’re broken but beautiful’ Folksy message. I guess I’m just unlucky ??!!! :cry:

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(Liz Clark) #8

I’ve not had that problem myself, but I’ll tag Camilla @folksycontent to see if she can help.

(Camilla) #9

I’m sorry to hear your customers had problems leaving feedback. I’ll ask Doug to look into it and see if there were any technical issues. Did you say you’ve already reported it @AliDufty?

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(Ali Dufty) #10

Thanks @BigBirdLittleBird and Camilla @folksycontent
Yes, I reported the problem to admin last week . Also, one customer has tried 3 times , failed and reported it 3 times ( bless her for her perseverance !!) and she’s a Folksy member , and not had problems on previous purchases .
It just makes me wonder if others are trying to leave it , encounter the ‘broken but beautiful’ and abandon attempts rather than report the issue !!! How would us sellers know ??? ( apologies for sounding like stuck record here !!!)
Just a little frustrating , when , as sellers , it’s rather important to build up a record of good feedback ??!!
Thanks again for checking up on it , as I’ve not received any update from admin…

(Camilla) #11

I know they’re looking into it @AliDufty and I’ve made a note to double check that we get back to you when we know what’s happening.

(Camilla) #12

Uh-ho! I’ve just been talking to @dougfolksy about that order and while he had his head buried in the code I heard him say: “weird… something’s gone well wrong with that one.” He’s now scratching his head. I’ll keep you updated…

(Camilla) #13

Aha! It looks like you had deleted those items Ali which is why the customer couldn’t leave feedback. Could that be right?

(Ali Dufty) #14

Aha indeed !
Thank you camilla @folksycontent for your detective work !
I re-checked this particular order as it was a multi-item order . Included was a one-of-a-kind journal / notebook , which , yes , because it was sold ,I decided to delete it from stock , but the remainder of the order were items still in stock??! . So by deleting this ONE item it prevented my customer from leaving feedback on ANY other items in the same order ?!. I’d never have assumed this !!??

I was going to ask you to now remove the post , as the mystery is solved , ( and I feel a tad silly!!) but I figure this info would be useful to other sellers ( who may also not have thought about this )???

Lesson learned today , and a warning to other Folksy sellers… don’t TOTALLY delete items from your shop ( once they are sold ), as your customers won’t be able to leave feedback !

Thanks again to those who helped get to the bottom of this :blush:

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(Camilla) #15

It looks like it Ali - it’s not something that we’ve seen happen before, so I’m really sorry you experienced it and your buyer had trouble. Really it shouldn’t even be possible for sellers to delete sold items because then all the links break too and the buyer can’t see the items they purchased. It’s something we need to change.