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Negative Feedback Removed

(Angela Callanan) #1

I am very puzzled. I left negative feedback for a seller on Folksy it was showing up and now it has been removed. No one has consulted me about this - it has just gone. I presume this would have to be removed by Folksy Admin?

What is the point of a feedback system if a seller can have negative feedback removed? At the very least I would have expected someone to contact to me and discuss this with me and ask why.

Has anyone else experienced this and what is the correct procedure?

(Liz Clark) #2

Have you contacted Admin direct? That would be my first step to find out what had happened and why.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Are you sure you saved it?

Are you sure it’s still not there?

Have you asked admin?

(Angela Callanan) #4

Yes I am sure it was there. It was a few weeks ago and it was showing for a while. And it is definitely not there. Seller has had a lot of sales and only 4 pages of feedback so it’s easy to check. Also my feedback brought their overall feedback down to 97% and now it’s back at 100%. So yes it definitely was there - I could see my comment - and now it is definitely gone.

I can contact Admin. I just think it is very disconcerting that it has been removed and was wondering if anyone else knew of this and what the usual procedure was for sellers to request to have it removed - or if anyone had been through this process.

To be honest if it has been removed (I can’t see this being an “accident”) it makes a mockery of the whole feedback process - and why should it be one rule for one seller and not the same for all?

Does this mean a seller can say I don’t like this feedback please remove it? With no consulation with the buyer? This appears to be what happened.

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(Minerva) #5

I would think that feedback can be removed if it was considered as unfair by the seller and / or Folksy, if it was the wrong shop, if comments are not based on truth etc. Obviously I have no idea of what happened and what the feedback was…just saying!

(Angela Callanan) #6

My feedback was short and to the point and was totally the truth. There was nothing inflammatory on there. Also if it was felt my feedback was unfair I should have been consulted - especially because I am also a seller on here. I can’t beleive that feedback can just be removed like this - as I said this makes a mockery of the feedback process. Also if I was a customer who did not sell on Folksy I would be extremely unhappy that my Feedback was removed.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #7

That really doesn’t make sense for any feedback to be removed.
Especially as if I saw a seller had a negative comment I most probably wouldn’t buy from them.
I hope you get to the bottom of the problem angela @AngelaCallanan i would be very interested to know if the feedback can be deleted

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(Angela Callanan) #8

Thanks @hobbitgirlie1880 Totally agree - from a Buyers point of view it is not very good if negative feedback is removed - how can they make an informed decision on purchashing from someone? Also is this not unfair to other sellers who genuinely have 100% positive feedback? And have worked very hard to achieve this.

To be honest I was totally taken aback when I saw it was no longer showing - and thought I was mistaken - but it is definitely gone.

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(Sasha Garrett) #9

I would hope that a shop could contest negative feedback if they felt it was unfair but that the customer would be consulted such that folksy could determine if it was fair and so whether it should remain. If a shop can have negative feedback removed without the customer being consulted does make a mockery of the process (I find negative feedback very useful and don’t let it put me off completely). I would be ok with the feedback being hidden whilst the review process was on going with the proviso that it reappeared if deemed fair once the review process was completed. I’ve never felt the need to contest any feedback left about me but on a different site I was asked to back up negative feedback I’d left (and that was for a 3 out of 5 star review! so hardly that negative) but once I’d provided photos to back up my feedback it was allowed. I’d contact support and ask them why it has disappeared and why you weren’t consulted before hand.

(Angela Callanan) #10

Thanks Sasha. The only other thing I can think of was that it took me a long time to leave the feedback but it was still showing on my account to be left so I eventually go round to doing it.

The reason I put it off for so long was (this may sound stupid) I was actually upset about the whole thing and I really liked the sellers work - it is really beautiful (I did say this in my feedback). However, even though I left it a long time it still showed on there for a while and was subsequently removed. Also my comments were still valid.

Either way I sitll should have been consulted. Will contact Admin. as advised. Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

(Samantha Stanley) #11

I wasn’t going to leave this comment but then I thought about it for a few minutes and realized the injustice.

If negative feedback can be removed by a seller to return their % to 100 (and ok, this is an IF) it gives them an unfair advantage over somebody who has had no reviews on their sales. This is because the first seller has a % of 100% but some people weren’t happy, but the other seller has a % of 0% yet presumably all their buyers were happy but just didn’t bother to comment.

I do think @Folksyadmin should look into this because it will penalize some of the sellers unfairly.

Sam x

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

Not all customers can leave feedback any way ie guest buyers can’t leave feedback.

Feedback should always be up to the customer.

If there’s anything wrong the customer will make contact.

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(Deborah Jones) #13

I am wondering, if the shop deleted the order- perhaps the feedback vanished too. I accidentaly deleted a whole load of listings last week and all trace of them vanished, from sold items, from everywhere.
I am not about to test this theory as feedback is so hard to come by, but it might be what happened as feedback is connected to a link to the item.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #14

That sounds like a very possible theory.

I’ve not deleted any of my expired or sold listings but I think some sellers might do that if they have loads.
And who knows what happens when we delete an old listing.

I think it’s best not to as I heard if you do any link to it on social media will bring up a broken link back to your shop.

Sometimes sold items found via social media can lead to someone clicking through to your shop and then leading to them to look more into your shop or ask if you’ll make another one.

(Angela Callanan) #15

I have received a reply from Folksy Admin. They have been extremely kind and considerate and have gone through the whole thing with me explaining what happened. I am not sure how much I should put on here but, Folksy Admin are not at fault.

The seller explained it to them as a refunded order which should have been cancelled and asked for the feedback to be removed. They believed the refund had resolved the issue and removed the feedback and the seller then cancelled the order. Folksy Admin. acted in good faith on the information provided by the seller, which on the face of it appeared reasonable.

From my point of view in this instance a refund was not a satisfactory resolution to this order going wrong. I can explain a bit more about the order and why I was unhappy but am conscious that I do not want to be calling out on the forums - naturally I will not disclose any details about the seller.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #16

Gosh you were refunded and still left a negative feedback. I would never have done that I’d simply have left no feedback whatsoever. If I got my money back if it came with an apology I would have left positive feedback.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #17

I didn’t realise you had received a refund. Im not 100% sure I’d have left feed back either after receiving a refund but then I don’t know the whole situation. You could of had a terrible experience and needed to . as I said before if the feedback for a seller wasn’t fantastic for whatever reason I’d want to know as I wouldn’t want to buy from someone who would make my buying experience bad on folksy

(Angela Callanan) #18

@EileensCraftStudio Do you think it’s fair to make this comment when you know nothing about what happened? My sister’s birthday present was over 2 weeks late because of this seller. I didn’t want a refund - all I wanted was my sister’s birthday present to arrive on time.

When I placed the order - my note to seller said that this is a birthday present (and I really loved their work) . After 6 days I had no contact from the seller and the item was not marked as posted. When I contacted the seller they said the item was posted but continually refused to tell me when it was posted. They made vague comments like “it should be with you by now”. They then abruptly ended our email conversation with “I have offered you a full refund.” I was shocked, they just left me high and dry. When I asked them what I should do now - you have told me it was posted - should I get my sister to wait or buy a new present - they said they could not guarantee it would arrive and I should order something else.

So a week after ordering a present for my sister I am left with nothing, no explanation and then I had to start all over again and chose another birthday present. I had a very poor customer service experience with this seller. The present never arrived.

Also I then had to explain and apolgoise to my sister - I felt awful.

I am sorry that some sellers believe that giving someone a refund is some kind of fix all for really poor customer service - it is not. It is also no compensation for how upset I felt when a present that I wanted to be a surprise got totally messed up by this seller. And of course it is no compensation to my sister.

(Christine E.) #19

It sounds as if you’ve had a very bad experience with this seller, and if I were a prospective buyer I would like to know about it via feedback…

(Angela Callanan) #20

Thanks @coatimundi That is just edited highlights of the story :wink: Unfortunately it took me a very long time to leave feedback - as I said earlier - it may sound pathetic but I was upset and I really liked the sellers work. I composed it several times. Eventually I just left a one line review. In fairness to Folksy Support if you looked it from their point of view the sellers request seemed reasonable. I was going to give more detail in my review but felt bad about doing this. Maybe I should have. I think the seller had intended to cancel the order after giving the refund but forgot - then I wouldn’t have been able to leave feedback at all.

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