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BBC1 News reporting on Black Friday failure

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

Black Friday is a failure and has had it’s time in the UK.

This has just been said on bbc1 one o’clock news.

How last year it lost companies money and this year people (customers/buyers/consummers) are not bothering with it.

Because it was bought over by USA producers who don’t get how we don’t have a holiday to day like in the USA so people are at work rather than going into shops to day to buy in the same way they are in the USA.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

I herd the same sort of thing this morning.
Last year I didn’t even realise there was a black Friday. Brought my OH his present went home wondering why it was so cheap and so busy.
It wasn’t until a friend told me about it at the weekend that it twigged.

This year I have herd so many people say they are going to boycott it.

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #3

I forgot it was Black Friday, it always seemed a silly idea considering it’s a working day. I was in town today, not because it was Black Friday. I didn’t see that many deals around, there were plenty of huge posters letting people know they where participating but the deals where rubbish!

(Witty Dawn) #4

It think it’s been a bit of a damp squip with regard to physical/B&M/High Street sales however I’ve seen other reports saying that people are switching to online buying and that is pretty strong today - which mirrors the change in our general shopping habits.

I’ve had orders today - but I’m not doing anything regarding ‘Black Friday’ but then I usually get orders on payday Friday so I’m not assuming they are anything to do with BF.

(Joy Salt) #5

You might like this :smile:

(Rachel) #6

Our local tescos was doing it but you had to register to attend - the worlds gone mad!

(Grimm Exhibition) #7

The name of it is enough to put you off, and surely we have enough sales on throughout the year anyway. Im glad it hasn’t worked. Why do some people insist on turning us into other countries.

(Jan Ryan) #8

I haven’t taken part in any BF deals, I haven’t even been shopping today, either in regular shops or online. It’s just a regular Friday here in the UK.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US and today lots of peeps are off work so it’s a bigger thing over there than here.

(Samantha Stanley) #9

Love this! It would be my other half’s screensaver :wink:

Sam x

(Amberlilly) #10

Glad Asda decided not to take part. We had a terrible fight break out in our big local one!

(Paula Rayson) #11

I got home to 60 emails today, apart from one from my parents, every one was a BF deal type. The only one I’ve liked this whole week has been from Fat Face, who decided not to do price cuts, instead have donating £250,000 to local charities, and thanking customer for shopping with them. Hopefully it will go away within a year or two and we can ignore another unfortunate import from across the Atlantic!

I had wanted to visit the Manchester Christmas Markets tonight but couldn’t face the idea of the extra loonies that would be hitting the deals rather than the Markets.

(Joy Salt) #12

My personal Facebook page says that if I get another Black Friday email I’m going to add the company to my junk emailer list. :slight_smile:

(Natalie Franca) #13

I got 7 emails from Amazon today and 6 from Ebay yesterday, needless to say, I’ve now unsubscribed! (I got lots of others too, but they didn’t go as over the top as those two). I’m with EE on my mobile, they got a bit keen with their Black Friday texts too :angry:

@PRaysonDesigns I walked through the Manchester Xmas markets on my way home this evening, just so I could take a short cut, practically every stall at all the locations around the city centre are selling exactly the same mass produced stuff! The markets were so much better years ago, I don’t bother with them at all now, very disappointing!

Natalie x

(Paula Rayson) #14

thanks for the heads up Natalie. Need to get my annual mug for the collection and my Good Bags but yes I’ve noticed how many have exactly the same stuff. There have been some stunning original jewellery in the past but most of it isn’t up to what I can do/factory mass-produced.

(Carolyn Grant) #15

Take a wander down to Spinningfields where there is a Makers Market filled with lovely stalls from local indie traders, not the imported Christmas Market! I had a stall there yesterday - unfortunately we were beaten by the weather but the market is there Thursdays to Sundays up to Christmas.

(Natalie Franca) #16

@CeeGeeJewellery Ooh thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely go for a wonder there! Poor you yesterday though, it can’t have been nice in torrential rain and high winds!

Natalie x

(Carolyn Grant) #17

It was erm… challenging to say the least! :smile:

(Joy Salt) #18

You must have had the cloud which came over us. We had to pack up at 6,45 (instead of 8) in torrential rain and I’m now off to get everything out of the car to sort it out.

(Carolyn Grant) #19

You lasted longer than we did @JOYSofGLASS! Lasted the distance in yesterday’s blustery wet weather (my prices washed off my tags!), but today’s event has been cancelled altogether. Hope everyone is having a warm and dry Sunday…

(Joy Salt) #20

Ah But I didn’t officially start until 5pm so it was a short sharp market !
Sorry about your today’s. xxx