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Be Aware. parcel scams

Please be aware ,we have noticed a huge increase in some customers on all our selling channels are stating a possible parcel scam. They are stating parcel tracking is showing delivered but they have not received ,they demand refund .They are demanding this 3 -4 times a day ,when we keep replying parcel company assures us of correct delivery eventually they just stop …

Well thanks for the heads up but never ever had this happen to me and I post out nearly every day.
Who do use for your delivery service and what are your other selling platforms ? Only ask as I’m a nosey wotsit and couldn’t find you anywhere else and you have no social media links.
Ps: you really should not be selling Harry Potter on line… Copyright and all that !

Hello,Thank you for your reply…We sell on etsy ,our own site ,bonanza , ebay …We send approx 4-10 parcels a day some very large,the parcel scam is getting a bit popular…We use a hermes account so all are tracked and covered .but its a real pain when you can be talking £100 of handmade order each time…Thank you again,nice to talk to you,Brian…

Brian I must admit to never using Hermes but then my parcels will all fit within Royal Mail package limits. Love your other shop name and it did :slight_smile: :slight_smile: xx

Thank you Joy ,I wish sometimes we could use Royal mail more but so expensive for the size we send ,have a great weekend Joy,Brian.

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