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New item advice needed

(Diane Burton) #1

I’ve been selling cards for several years but have noticed that sales are dwindling so need to diversify, last year I did some decoupaged mini canvasses and sold a couple off-line (I have some more to add soon) I’ve just listed this trinket box

Can I ask if you think it sounds OK in the description and if you think the price is about right :slight_smile: I have some more to decorate but will wait until I see if this one gets any interest.
Thank You xx

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(Jo Sara) #2

Hi Diane, the box looks great. I might add ‘gift box’ into the description, or the tags at least. I can see someone buying a special box to give a special pair of earrings in. The one thing that stood out to me in the description was you saying that the box would have to go as parcel post rather than large letter. I don’t think you need that bit. And it highlights that there is a cheaper post options if the customer can find a slimmer box. If they like the box, they’ll pay postage. If you are worried about the postage cost, add a quid to the box price and nip a quid off the postage :slightly_smiling:


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(Diane Burton) #3

Thanks Jo, good point about the postage I’ll go edit it right away, don’t want them leaving my shop before buying :wink:

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(Helen Healey) #4

I agree with the above. I’d also try and get some more tags in. You can have 15 so you may as well try and use them, perhaps decoupage box, decorative box - that kind of thing. The box is really pretty so hopefully it will sell quite easily. Good luck with your diversifying.

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