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Gift boxes - any recommendations?

(Teresa Bettelley) #1

Hello every one.

I wondered if any one can recommend any where to buy gift boxes from? Preferably wholesale, and smallish jewellery sized.

I’ve tried a few online companies and am just not 100% happy. The boxes I’ve ended up with are a bit big for some of the small jewellery pieces I have, and I’m concerned that the added postage costs are not helping with sales either! Thank you Teresa at Shirley Rainbow

(Kelly) #2

Hi Teresa,
I’ve never really had the need to purchase boxes therefore I’m not of much help to you. Have you ever purchased any from ebay? I know there are people who sell that kind of thing.

Good luck, I hope you find something suitable but I’m sure there’s plenty of lovely ladies here on Folksy who make jewellery that will throw a few recommendations you’re way. x

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I’m now a dab hand at making little origami boxes so I just have to buy in reams of coloured card and get folding. However when I have bought ring boxes or similar I get them from probably not the cheapest but the small pendant boxes work well for long drop earrings but are shallow enough to still comfortably go large letter.

(Roz) #4

Don’t know if they would be suitable for your jewellery items but pillow boxes are super easy to make yourself and can be made in any size with a good bit of card and some double sided tape :slight_smile: You could even use plain card and print your logo on prior to making the box.

(Helen Smith) #5

I like the ‘thin earring boxes’ from the tiny box company - they’re a good size for pendants but slim enough to post as a large letter, which helps with the postage charge problem.

ETA : I also use PIP boxes for posting in rather than padded envelopes as that way I can be sure that what was a large letter when I left home is not going to shift around and become a small parcel by the time I get to the PO!

(Rhiannon Rose) #6

Tiny box company. Love the fact that I can order 1 of a size to check it out - I cannot visualise sizes to save my life!

(Teresa Bettelley) #7

eBay is a good idea, I’ll definitely have a look there, Thanks!
Teresa x

(Teresa Bettelley) #8

Thank you, I’ll check that link out :blush: Teresa

(Teresa Bettelley) #9

That’s a great idea! Thank you! I’ll be having a play at that! :smile: Teresa

(Teresa Bettelley) #10

@RhiannonRoseJewellery @HelenSmith thank you for the recommendation! I’ll have a look. Sending large letter is definitely preferable! Teresa x

(Katie Robbins) #11

I can also recommend the tiny box company, as the quality of their boxes is really superior to others I’ve tried. Plus they are a great size for jewellery and make quite nice little display items too.

(Joy Salt) #12

Thanks so much for this. Just ordered some and now I can post out my earrings as the pill boxes I’ve used up to now are far to tall for large letter. I’ve only put my pendants in little bags up to now so they can have a box now as well.
I put a post on my Facebook page today and tagged the Tiny Box company and they shared it. Every little helps !

(Teresa Bettelley) #13

That’s great! I’m really pleased with my boxes too, and some organza bags I also ordered! :blush:

(Stephanie Guy) #14

Have you considered one of these?

I have the flat envelope version for my miniature paintings and think it is marvelous.